OSRS vs IRL: Old School Ironman Tattoos

OSRS ironman tattoos splitscreen, maenmiu logo

Ironman is one of the game modes in Old School RuneScape where you can’t trade other players. This means that you’ll have to obtain most of your gear through drops and this makes many ironman take great pride in leveling and advancing their ironman accounts. From that to taking this as an achievement is just one step: an ironman tattoo that shows that you stand alone!

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HCIM icon tattoo

Original image source

The hardcore ironman has one more restriction of not being able to die. There’s a load about the psychology of perma death and how that influences your decisions in game. This HCIM brought this symbol of glory as a colourful calf tattoo. The art is simple yet striking and was created using solely red ink.

Black ironman icon tattoo

Original image source

This is a black ironman tattoo that’s realized wth a silver contour and black filling as a reinterpretation of the classic ironman icon. It marks the owner’s rebuild on their ironman account after being hacked and losing their ranger’s boots.

Line ironman icon tattoo

Original image source

This is another ironman tattoo that is created by simply using the outline of the ironman icon. It could be filled or worn as is, but both the cleanliness level of the lines and the original post indicate that it was meant to be filled.

Small hcim tattoo

Original image source

This is a small, clean, and sharp hardcore ironman tattoo. It’s designed fully with dark red ink and it has a lot of sharpness and extra clean lines.

Ironman btw tattoo

Original image source

This ironman tattoo is created with grey ink and a tiny black outline. It is very sharp and clean and below the ironman icon the text BTW is written in the specific yellow RuneScape font to refer to the “ironman btw” meme (I’m still researching about that one).

HCIM btw tattoo

Original image source

This is hardcore ironman btw tattoo realized with metallic red ink and metallic grey ink. It is clean and sharp and it seems to be placed on the calf. It was posted together with the text “Can’t die now, HCIM for LIFE”.

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