OSRS vs IRL split image with gotr, OSRS character, Relleka lohnghall, dragon scimitar and rune kiteshield cake, Frenkenstein, and maenmiu logo

Old School RuneScape vs Real Life

Old School RuneScape can be compared in many respects with the real life. It is quite easy for us to look at the real life through Old School RuneScape lenses and at OSRS through IRL lenses. Sometimes, what we learn in the game can be applied IRL, or in other games. Other times, we find the same piece of info in aspects of life that seem so different at a first glance, and then it clicks for us! And when we really love something we do our best to bring it both to life IRL, or take it from IRL back in the game world. Here you’ll find the link and get to see Old School RuneScape face to face with Reality!