OSRS vs IRL: Old School RuneScape GP Tattoos

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Gold pieces or GP is the main currency in Old School RuneScape and as with many other MMOs it has a value outside the game. These scapers, however, brought a different kind of value IRL when they took currency and tattooed it on their skin!

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Max cash simple tattoo

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This one is a very simple minimalist tattoo realized only in black ink. Its clean lines display the text 2147M, which stands for 2147 million gp, which happens to be the max stack of coins any character can own before they must turn it into plat tokens, gear, or drop it on the ground to make room for more.

Finger GP tattoo

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This scaper has a collection of RuneScape essentials on their fingers. The pinky has a small gp stack tattooed. The tattoo is coourful and made with precise lines and two shades of yellow!

Max cash tattoo

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Wiki says “The maximum number of coins in a stack is 2,147,483,647, because RuneScape uses 32-bit signed integers to store values, which are unable to represent a higher number. A stack of this many coins is informally known as max cash“. This max cash tattoo not only contains the 2147M text, but also has a coin stack beautifully designed.

Max Cash and party hats tattoo

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This tattoo represents symbols of wealth in OSRS: party hats and max cash stack. It is extremely simple, yet colourful and visually appealing.

Max cash coins stack tattoo

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This is a fresh colourful tattoo that resembles the max cash stack. The tattoo contains both the colorful representation of the coin stack and the text 2147M along with some other decorative elements.

GP tattoo

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This tattoo is an overlay of a gray runescape font spelling 2147M and the coins stack in OSRS. The design is complex and features shading and pixelated art both for the text and coins stack,

WOM and GP tattoo

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This Wise Old Man tattoo also includes stacks of GP. The tattoo is fully realised with black in and loads of lines work and the coins themselves have an interesting shading and clean design.

Colourful WOM and GP tattoo

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This colourful WOM tattoo also contains gold pieces created in a very minimalist yet colourful technique. You can find out more about these WOM tattoos and many other in the main wise old man tattoos article

Sleeve GP tattoo

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The GP here is part of a bigger and more complex tattoo that contains a RuneScape scene with several NPCs and other elements such as a shield and a checkered floor specific to the party room. The GP stands out through colour and its sharp design.

Doubling money tattoo

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This tattoo relates to both GP and a very common OSRS scam: the doubling money scam. The tattoo is a simple minimalistic double line text stating “doubling money” in a font that resembles the RuneScape font. It is made solely with black ink, but it could be filled with yellow ink in a further session for and even more runescapy feel.

Bying gf 10k GP tattoo

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This is another very contextual tattoo that links to one of the most well known OSRS memes: the buying gf meme. The tattoo has an intricate design with an original scroll with various flower decorations and complex shading and the text Buying gf 10k gp written in a bold yellow runescape font. Alongside the scroll a stack of 10k GP is also represented in a distinct shade of yellow. The artist used a brighter shade of yellow for highlights and black ink for the contour.

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