OSRS vs IRL: Old School RuneScape Simple Tattoos

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Sometimes less is more and simple is better! This is exactly the case for these simple tattoos inspired by Old School RuneScape. Not only they capture the essence of the game, but they are also trophies that hint at the game in a very subtle matter recognizable only by other players for the most part. if you wanna see some unexpected tattoos, check these out.

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92+92 = 99 tattoo

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This tattoo contains the statement “92+92=99” inked in a simple, bold black font, typically characteristic of minimalist tattoo styles. Positioned on what seems to be the lower leg, it covers a modest area, showcasing clean lines and precise execution in the font specific to Old School RuneScape. Not only does the tattoo visually refer to the game through the font, but it also hints at the game mechanics through the message since the XP needed to hit 92 is half of the total XP needed to level up any skill to 99.

99 Strength 99 Range tattoo

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This tattoo showcases two distinct skill icons as well as their levels: 99 Range and 99 Strength all executed in black ink and fine lines. Located on the knee each symbol is rendered in a simplistic style, characterized by clean lines and modest detailing.

OSRS essentials tattoo

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This collection of colourful tattoos on the fingers represents four of the most well known OSRS items: the rune scimitar, the dragon med helm, the cabbage, and gp. Each tattoo is small but detailed, fitting the limited space of the fingers, but together they make a perfect pack of RuneScape essentials. And if you want to see the upgrade to that rune scimi, be sure that other scapers dealt with a lot of monkey madness to get their own dragon scimitar.

Monkey tattoo

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Speaking of monkeys, this tattoo is just that: an Old School RuneScape monkey wearing an iconic red party hat, for an extra runescapy touch. It’s located on the calf and it has medium size. It is a copy of the in game monkey designed in a cartoonish style with bold outlines and solid color fills.

Colourful 99 tattoo

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This tattoo on the forearm features 99/99 which refers to the max level you can achieve in a single skill in OSRS. The design, rendered in a semi-abstract font specific to some versions of the game, uses fine line tattooing for intricate details and soft color transitions.

Black 99 tattoo

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This simple tattoo, inked on the wrist, displays the same 99/99 text in a minimalist style using black ink. The tattoo’s small size and sparse execution focus purely on the numbers themselves. The placement on the back of the hand makes it highly visible.

Blood barrage tattoo

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These finger tattoos feature three distinct tattoos: the blood barrage spell icon, a godsword silhouette on an elephant trunk in the middle and a red version of the ancient staff that perfectly matches the blood spell. Each design is compact yet detailed, fitting the limited space of the fingers.

God Symbols tattoo

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And if a godsword is an item that has already been used by many, god symbols are not. Yet, this tattoo features seven distinct god symbols: Saradomin, Armadyl, Seren, Godless, Zaros, Bandos, and Zamorak. The design spans across the inner upper arm and is created using clean black outlines and solid bright colours fillings for each symbol. Each icon’s simple yet bold style ensures an amazing visual impact.

Prayers tattoo

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Since gods go hand in hand with prayers, this tattoo, positioned on the forearm, features a series of small and colorful prayer icons: Redemption, Protect from Magic, Protect from missiles, Protect from melee and Piety. Each tattoo is rendered in a vivid style with bold outlines and bright colors as a perfect copy of the in game prayer icons.

Battleaxe tattoo

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This tattoo features a minimalist design of an OSRS battleaxe on the inner forearm. The tattoo is small, and it uses only black ink for clean lines which gives it a sleek and modern appearance. It is a very simple of an OSRS weapon tattoo, and if you wanna see more of those here they are!

92 is half of 99 tattoo

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This tattoo features the Hitpoints skill symbol as well as the text “92 IS HALF OF 99” written above it on the upper arm. Executed entirely in black ink, it uses a bold, digital pixel-art style specific to Old School RuneScape. Other skilling tattoos are more complex even though some are smaller in size.

Kraken tattoo

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This tattoo, placed on the upper arm, features the Kraken. The artwork is rendered in black and grey shading, giving it a smooth, gradient-like appearance. The style suggests influences from surrealism, emphasizing mysterious or fantastical themes.

2277 Tattoo

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This tattoo, located on the inner forearm, features the numbers “2277” in a minimalist, clean, sans-serif font. The execution is straightforward, using only black ink to emphasize clarity and simplicity. This number is the total level currently possible in OSRS or the max level.

Never lucky tattoo

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This tattoo displays the words “NEVER” and “LUCKY” in bold, black block letters on each leg in the Old School RuneScape font. This design choice may suggest a juxtaposition of modern digital culture with traditional art, representing a personal mantra or a philosophical statement about fate and fortune (gotta love chat gpt, had to include this). The statement “never lucky” is a gaming meme specific to OSRS which is a game heavily focused on rng.

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