OSRS Clan Spotlight: Big Chill

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Old School RuneScape clans have been an unofficial thing for as long as the game existed, but in 2021 Jagex made it official and introduced the new clan system. While there are various platforms where you can find OSRS clans if you want to join one, this new OSRS Clan Spotlight series will bring you a different insight into what to expect from some of the top OSRS clans, with unique interviews with the clan leadership.

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Big Chill

This week’s clan spotlight is about Big Chill, a friendly and welcoming family that accepts all categories of players! Dal 665, the clan’s owner, accepted to answer some questions about Big Chill and reveal a bit of the behind the scenes of this awesome clan!

Clan name: Big Chill
Primary language: English
Size: 450+
Date founded: October 4th 2021

What inspired you to start your own clan in OSRS?

I was in a clan that had a harsh and vulgar owner, but noticed there were a lot of good people that deserved better. I got kicked out of that clan because he forced me to go clan PKing with him and he tele’ed, didn’t tell me where he went, then got mad that I didn’t follow. I was top rank at that time and put in a lot of work for that clan.

What differentiates your clan from other clans in OSRS?

We accept all walks of life here in Big Chill. I noticed that a lot of clans only accept certain types of players, or certain levels of skills. From noob to expert, from Crazy to Chill, from every race to every belief, we accept you.

How would you describe the overall culture and atmosphere of your clan?

We pride ourself Chill, relaxed zone where all are welcomed. We are respectable to each other and hold high moral ethics for our Clan.

Can you share a particularly memorable event that your clan has organized?

We host a Christmas party every year, where we dump the rest of the Clan Coffer into a Clan party for everyone. Last year we had over 1B for Christmas events and drop parties at the Christmas event.

What types of events and activities does your clan regularly host?

We currently are hosting weekly giveaways, lottery, skill of the week, mass of the week. A lot of the times Clan members will come up with random events for everyone. We are going to be doing a Barrows competition here soon!

What events you haven’t done already but are eager to host in the future?

We have hosted huge events like Monopoly, Shoots n Ladders, and Bingos, and would like to continue recreating board games into RuneScape events. I have always dreamed of recreating Gielinor Games for our clan as well.

What’s the biggest drama or conflict you’ve had to deal with as a clan owner, and how did you resolve it?

I once dealt tough love to a high ranking dear friend. He left and started his own clan because he took it the wrong way. He took about 100 members from Big Chill, but since then he has reached out to me, telling me that he now understands that I was only trying to help him and that he is very sorry. I also apologized and we made up. We are good friends again and hope to do some friendly Clan vs Clan content in the future.

What’s the most wholesome moment you’ve witnessed in your clan?

There are a lot of times where someone new is starting out in Big Chill and I see the whole clan jump up and come together for a bond and/or starter gear.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve implemented in the clan over time?

We took lessons from Jagex and learned that we need to listen to our people when it comes to decisions and we poll a lot of things so we can get the majority of opinions on how things should go in the Clan.

How do you handle recruitment and ensure new members fit well with the clan’s culture?

We have a Recruitment/Advertisement Manager that reaches out to many social media sites for advertising our clan. You can find us in the OSRS Community discord, the Official RS discord, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify. But to answer your question, we believe Big Chill is a good fit for all.

OSRS clan Spotlight BigChill cover, Old School RuneScape clan spotlight, manemiu logo

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a clan owner for you personally?

When people say that Big Chill is a family, and helps them not just in game but in real life. I have seen and experienced that Big Chill changes people’s lives with the moments we share and the friends that we gain.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We are always looking for new family members here in Big Chill. This Clan has grown a lot, hitting 500 members in game over 6 times already (500 is the cap). Even with the amazing growth that we have had, i believe in continuous improvement and Big Chill will always continue to improve.

What’s the best way for players interested in joining your clan to contact you?

Add igodzslayer_ on discord or in game, join Discord.gg/bigchill – or add Dal 665 in game name or Dal 665#4545 on Discord.

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