Quick load guide: How to join a clan in Old School RuneScape

Clan recruitment inside OSRS' Motherload mine

How to join an Old School RuneScape clan and to recruit for your clan

Clans have been around forever in OSRS, but it was in 2021 that Jagex finally made them more official and allowed players to structure their clans somewhat better.  While the current clan represents a huge improvement compared to the old cc system, it still has plenty of limitations and, honestly, a somewhat counterintuitive joining system.

To join a clan, both you and the player inviting you will need to be on at the same time and in the same world/ server, and you’ll need to coordinate with each other to a certain extent.

There are three ways in which you can join a clan: joining a listed clan, being invited with a clan vexillum, and being remotely accepted. For all of them you’ll need to share the same world with the recruiter, and for the first two you’ll need to be physically in the vicinity of your recruiter (physically in game, not IRL, but you get the point)

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Listed clan

For this method both the player joining and the player recruiting, whichever you are, must be at the clan corner in the south east part of the Grand Exchange.

The recruiter will have to turn on the recruitment and list the clan, and the recruit will need to apply to the clan. Afterwards the recruiter will need to accept the application.

How to list a clan

Here’s a quick guide on how to turn on the recruitment and list the clan.

  1. Click on the clan recruitment board to open the interface and hit the “applicants” button at the bottom of the interface
  2. Click the “invite applications
  3. Click the clan recruitment board again
  4. Click on the “list your clan” button
  5. Open the interface again to see your clan is listed

How to apply

Here’s how to apply to a clan once it’s been listed:

  1. Click the recruitment board
  2. Click on the clan you want
  3. Click the green “apply” button
  4. Click “yes” to confirm
  5. Then communicate to the recruiter you’ve applied so they can accept you

Clan Vexillum

For this method both of the players (the recruit and the recruiter) must be in the same world, at the same place, at the same time, regardless of where they are. Though if you’re in combat or in another activity this won’t work, so you’ll both need to be safe and idle.

The recruiter will need to first grab a free clan vexillum from the clan guy in the clan corner at the GE and wield it. While wielding this strong, and beautiful item, you can right click recruit anyone.

If the recruit is an ironman player they won’t have to do anything but accept the invitation. However, if playing on a non-iron character, you must first turn on the “accept-aid” feature from the settings, otherwise the clan vexillum, won’t work.


  1. Equip a clan vexillum
  2. Ask the recruit to turn on accept aid
  3. Once they confirm, right click them and click recruit


  1. Turn on accept aid and tell the recruiter
  2. Click the Join clan option or press 1 in the chat interface

Long distance recruitment

This is by far the best method if both players know they’re way around Old School RuneScape and the unofficial recruitment was done via other methods, such as discord.

First make sure you’re both in the same world. The recruiter will then need to turn on the applications from the clan settings, and then let the recruit know, so they can apply. To apply from a distance they will first need to join the clan chat as a guest, open the settings and hit the apply button. The recruit should then communicate that they applied, and the recruit will need to accept them.


  1. Click on the clan button
  2. CLick on clan setting
  3. Click on applicants
  4. Click on invite applications
  5. Tell the recruit to apply then accept them


  1. Click on the view another clan button
  2. Click on find
  3. Type the name of the clan you want to join to become a guest in their cc
  4. Click on the clan settings button
  5. Hit the apply button and tell the recruiter to accept you!

And that’s it! Enjoy the new clan or if you’re looking for a clan to join feel free to hop on our discord and join our clan, Solo Synergy.

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