Quick Load Guide: Where to join a clan in OSRS?

OSRS Clan corner and clan banners, maenmiu logo

Clans in OSRS can really take your gaming experience to the next level. Even though we are playing a solo MMO, joining a clan will help you way further than with the social aspect of the game. Most good clans have events such as skill of the week, boss of the week, other competitions, giveaways, and veteran players who can teach you the most challenging content in the game, as well as active chats and supportive players that can help you learn the game at a faster pace as well as share and celebrate your game achievements.

Clans are a hub for group bosses, raids, and group PKing, but joining the wrong clan can have you exposed to very toxic chats… and if only a toxic chat was the worse thing that could go wrong… the wrong clan can bring you down instead of lifting you up and this c an take away a lot from the game. Now with the official forums gone, many people are wondering how to find a clan to join. If you’re curious about the joining process then check this, and keep in mind that if you do join the wrong one you will have a 7 days cooldown from entering another one, so it’s best to guest in a clan before you commit to joining.

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The best way to find a clan is actually having a friend recommend a clan for you. If you have active players in your friend list ask them if they are in a clan and if they recommend joining it or not. However, some of us won’t have any active friends especially after breaks from the game so, if that’s the case, the other places will work much better.


Some clans post their adds on Reddit in the dedicated sub. Clans are allowed to only post their clan ads once a week so you won’t see the same clan over and over again unless you do some scrolling.

The non-official sub will let you post that you are looking for a clan and have clan recruiters reply to your post. You can also browse to the history and check the replies other players got when asking for a clan.

The official reddit is not too friendly for clans and your post can become invisible quite fast there.


If you have a Facebook account then joining OSRS groups is a great way to find a clan that fits you. The dedicated clan group is this one, but there are plenty other Facebook Old School RuneScape communities that allow clan ads or at least allow clans to comment on “looking for clan” posts. However, this is not the case with all of them.


Disboard.org is another good way to search for clans. Simply type “OSRS clan”, “old school RuneScape clan”, “OSRS community”, or “old school RuneScape community” and you’ll get the most active servers which you can join directly from there. Keep in mind that the results you see first are the servers that have been bumped recently, so here it might be worth scrolling to find a really good fit, since servers can be bumped every 2 hours.

OSRS Discord servers

Discord is another great way to find a clan. There are several servers, including the official server which allow clans to post their ads. Here are a few:

In game

The clan recruitment board in game is a less popular way to go about it. This is because there are only two worlds for clan recruitment: 477 and 497 for f2p and someone needs to actually stay on those worlds to keep the announcement up… that’s just one of the limitations clans have… There are usually 2 or 3 clans listed at most times so if you don’t want to use any third party method you could technically do it in game.


If you’re looking for a medium clan feel free to join our Solo Synergy clan in game or through our discord and if you want to be part of a big clan you can join our friends at OSRS Isle.

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