OSRS Clan Spotlight: Guide Hard

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Old School RuneScape clans have been an unofficial thing for as long as the game existed, but in 2021 Jagex made it official and introduced the new clan system. While there are various platforms where you can find OSRS clans if you want to join one, this new OSRS Clan Spotlight series will bring you a different insight into what to expect from some of the top OSRS clans, with unique interviews with the clan leadership.

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Guide Hard

Clan name: Guide Hard
Primary language: English
Size: 200+
Date founded: May 26th, 2021

July’s clan spotlight starts with an international welcoming community I’ve been part of for several years and the clan I’ve been part of before starting my own: Guide Hard! Ragevirus, who’s put a massive amount of work and effort into keeping things running smoothly in the clan agreed to answer a few questions!

What inspired you to start your own clan in OSRS?

Our discord server started with humble beginnings as a direct link to Try Hard Casual’s YouTube channel. We became a tight knit group of friends who ran similar content together. When Jagex released the official Clan update, we instantly ran to the Grand Exchange to create Guide Hard. Since then we have grown to over 200 members in game and roughly 1000 on our discord server itself.

What differentiates your clan from other clans in OSRS?

Our clan members range in game experience, as well as knowledge. From being fresh off the tutorial island boat to maxed cloggers. We like to run content in game to reflect this as well as our own larger unique events. Voice chat is always a good time during events or not. Overall, we like to sport the casual style to it’s fullest.

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How would you describe the overall culture and atmosphere of your clan? We have a welcoming outlook, with people always willing to help with whatever you’re struggling with on the game. Our staff keeps the place drama free so everyone feels like home.

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Can you share a particularly memorable event that your clan has organized? It’s hard to put my thumb on any single event. But our members go absolutely nuts on the large scale bingo and race style events.

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What types of events and activities does your clan regularly host?

We try to run a variety of events so people of all different stages of the game can participate. From our weekly bossing events, week long Skill of the Week’s/Boss of the Week’s to our longer large scale Bingo’s and Race style games.

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What events you haven’t done already but are eager to host in the future? We’ve tossed the idea of a large multi-clan bingo event, maybe one day.

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What’s the biggest drama or conflict you’ve had to deal with as a clan owner, and how did you resolve it?

We make all executive decisions as a group of staff, conflict dependent of course. Nothing really comes to mind other than the occasional swift banhammer of random troller/spammer/scammer.

What’s the most wholesome moment you’ve witnessed in your clan?

People finally getting that long awaited level or drop always makes soul feel wholesome.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve implemented in the clan over time?

The one thing that comes to mind is the spread of difficulty of bossing events. As we’ve basically all grown up together with our game progression, some gain faster than others. So where some people want to do more end game weighed content, others simply can not participate. So we try to make a nice spread of event difficulty to meet those needs.

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How do you handle recruitment and ensure new members fit well with the clan’s culture?

The usual tactics: in game, word of mouth, and of course Try Hard Casual links server invites on his videos on YouTube.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a clan owner for you personally?

As everyone knows, Old School RuneScape can be a very lonely place, despite the fact that it’s an MMORPG. Being apart of a clan brings another level to the game, almost a sense of family.

What’s the best way for players interested in joining your clan to contact you?

We don’t have any level or gear requirements. Everyone is welcome. Look us up in game “Guide Hard” or join the discord server.

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