OSRS Clan Spotlight: Lucky

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Old School RuneScape clans have been an unofficial thing for as long as the game existed, but in 2021 Jagex made it official and introduced the new clan system. While there are various platforms where you can find OSRS clans if you want to join one, this new OSRS Clan Spotlight series will bring you a different insight into what to expect from some of the top OSRS clans, with unique interviews with the clan leadership.

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Clan name: Lucky
Primary Language: English
Clan size: 500+
Founded: August 3rd, 2021
Restrictions: no alts

Lucky, a clan and community built around ImaDrum’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel, is the focus of this week’s OSRS Clan Spotlight. The content creator agreed to answer a few questions about the clan he’s been leading together with his team.

What inspired you to start your own clan in OSRS

The biggest inspiration of starting a clan for me was the fact that I was making YouTube videos, and thought it’d be a nice way to get those that enjoyed my content to all join one big community. This way I could better be able to do content together with those that enjoyed watching my videos and/or livestreams.

I also wanted a way to meet new people within our discord community and to see what OSRS interests people had, as well as what other gaming interests and hobbies. I’ve met a lot of great people this way, some of which have been around since the clan was formed, and I continue to meet new people every week.

I’d say the Lucky clan has always been, from the very beginning, all about community. We do have our fair share of friendly competitions in the form of large events, like bingos, and smaller events where we try to get people involved. This allows everyone to learn new content from others, and just meet and make new friends within the community itself.

What differentiates your clan from other clans in OSRS?

A lot of clans out there do focus more so on the “accomplishments” within the game factor where people rank up based on accomplishments in the game, or people earning “reputation” by actively participating in events over time, but I never liked that hierarchy system myself. I always felt it allowed people to feel like they’re better than others because of their accomplishments in game, rather than focused on the community aspect and playing the game just for fun.

Our ranking system is more focused on a loyalty based system where ranks are determined based on how long you’re in the clan, and not solely on how good you are or what you do in the game.

How would you describe the overall culture and atmosphere of your clan?

We have a fairly active clan in and out of the game through other channels, like our discord, where people just hang around and have a good time just enjoying the game together.

What types of events and activities does your clan regularly host?

For more frequent events, we do host SOTW and BOTW related events, as well as an event I host for the community where we go to Barrows and compete for whoever gets the most uniques in 4 hours (I host those once a month typically). Along with about 4 Bingos so far. It takes quite a bit of time for our event and staff team to come up with the way we host our bingo events as each time we try to make it different than your typical bingo event where we theme them based off board games or other ideas.

Our last two, for example, were based off a Battleship idea where we had two teams of 50 competing to sink each other’s ships, and our last bingo was based off of the Relic League where teams race to the bottom of the board.

We also have a group of people that are active in the discord where they get together in the spur of the moment events that can range from PvMing, skilling, raiding, and even events that might be playing other games together. I also have personally hosted a few movie nights and plan on doing more if time allows it, as these can be pretty relaxing and enjoyable to watch a movie and just chat with people (by messaging a text channel) throughout the movie.

What events you haven’t done already but are eager to host in the future?

There are some events we haven’t hosted yet, primarily due to time constraints as myself and the staff team all do this voluntarily, so that on top of timezone differences can make meetings/talking about future events fairly difficult, but we’re already planning future larger events that surround more bingos based off more board games of course haha. We also want to host events where we can start getting more people into higher end/higher level bossing by hosting teaching sessions. We’ve already started this, but since it’s fairly new, we’re working through that now.

What’s the biggest drama or conflict you’ve had to deal with as a clan owner, and how did you resolve it?

In terms of drama, I feel like every clan goes through these moments, but we learn and grow because of them on how to deal with specific issues that arise. We’ve had our fair share of these and have grown because of it and implement new rules and guidelines to help us improve over time.

What’s the most wholesome moment you’ve witnessed in your clan?

People helping other people learn new things in game happen almost every day.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve implemented in the clan over time?

As mentioned above, changes happen all the time, and this goes with new rules and guidelines for not only members to follow, but also rules and guidelines for all staff, including myself, to follow in order for us to maintain a friendly atmosphere and welcoming place for all. We’ve learned that it’s important to keep everyone in the loop with all things going on, from the members level, to the staff level. We make sure all decisions go through multiple members of the staff and leadership team and no one individual should tackle and issue on their own.

How do you handle recruitment and ensure new members fit well with the clan’s culture?

Recruitment comes directly from me. The main source of this would be through my Youtube videos and my livestreams over on Twitch. People see the clan and members talking with each other in my videos, as well as me talking about the clan, and sometimes showcasing our events in videos, and it helps reach new people who are looking for a clan to join. For my livestreams, same thing, especially when I’m hosting events, I typically stream during the events, and it’s a great way to let people find us. Because of this, we get A LOT of people and are typically always hitting the 500 member capacity every 2 weeks. Most of the time people join as a guest and hang out with the clan for a few days or longer to get a feel if this is the right place for them, and then they ask to join.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a clan owner for you personally?

Most rewarding personal aspect is just meeting new people and making long term friendships of those within the clan. I’ve also been told by many members of the community that Lucky has been one of the most welcoming places for them, and people get along with each other very quickly.

What’s the best way for players interested in joining your clan to contact you?

Best way to reach out to me, or anyone on the staff and leadership team for Lucky, is to join our discord: discord.gg/imadrum – This discord was made solely when I started my YouTube and Twitch channels, but the discord is a place where our community and clan members interact with each other the most!

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