OSRS vs IRL: OSRS inspired celebration cakes

OId School RuneScape / OSRS inspired cake, Infernal cape, maenmiu logo

The tradition of making cakes for occasions other than birthdays has evolved from ancient times to the present. Initially, in ancient Greece and Rome, cakes were simple sweetened breads offered to gods or used in celebrations. During the Medieval period, more elaborate cakes with expensive ingredients like sugar, fruits, and nuts emerged, mostly reserved for special events. The Renaissance brought advancements in baking, with more intricate designs and ingredients like marzipan and icing, popularizing cakes at weddings and christenings. In the 20th century and beyond, cakes became common for various achievements and milestones like graduations, anniversaries, and retirements, showcasing a range of designs and customization options, and nowadays they are even used to celebrate in game achievements, and more specifically Old School RuneScape milestones. OSRS inspired birthday cakes are also a thing, but a completely different one.

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99 Farming cake

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Farming in OSRS can be quite a tedious skill to train unless you are using trees. Though you can enjoy the profits from herb runs, the XP is rather slow. And if you’re going for the Farming pet, unless you’re really lucky, you’ll have to grind a lot! Why not celebrate that grind with a piece of an Old School RuneScape inspired Farming Cake. This cake is an accurate representation of an ingame farming patch with the two allotment plots, the herb plots, and the middle flower plot. Just in case you missed Farming.

OSRS wedding cake

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When buying a girlfriend goes well, there might be an IRL RuneScape wedding. And if the theme of the wedding was not Old School RuneScape, at least the decoration on the Wedding Cake was.

Infernal Cake

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This infernal Cake is absolutely mesmerizing! I need one, together with an infernal cape, but that’s another story. Whoever made this made a piece of art and brought such an important part of OSRS to life! The carefully crafted pattern on the cake brings to life the lava like pattern from the rare best in slot melee cape.

Ironman Cake

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And if you discovered ironscape, it’s only logical to get an ironman cake! This Black and white cake is another masterpiece to show a whole other level of dedication specific to this Old School RuneScape game mode.

99 Range Cake

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This 99 Range Cake is a reminder that we should celebrate every milestone! The cake is decorated with a pretty good representation of the Range skill’s icon and has the text “99 Range” written on it!

Kraken Cake

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When you’re stuck on the same boss for too long, those around you will notice, and they’ll let you know with a cake, hopefully! This Kraken cake is amazing though the design is extremely simple. This baker took efficiency scape to the next level since the visuals on this cake are amazing!

OSRS 2277 total Cake

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Maxing or reaching total level of 2277 is a dream for many and a very very long grindThis max cake was made with a sugar print that printed an edible photo of the OSRS logo together with the “2277 TOTAL” text. A great way to celebrate an in game huge achievement IRL.

OSRS Max Cake

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The path to max is different for every account, and so is this different cake to celebrate the same maxing occasion. This fondant cake is accompanied by cupcakes that have the symbols of the most popular assortments of Old School RuneScape runes, such as the law rune, air rune, death rune, or blood rune.

Infernal cape cake

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The infernal cape is such a huge achievement that it is associated with actually winning the game. The message written on this Infernal Cape Cake, “You Won OSRS”, hints exactly at beating one of the hardest challenges in the game.

OSRS 99 Cake

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This one is a homemade 99 cake that was made to celebrate the maxing of another account! The design is old school, with no fondant for the decorations, but the classic icing, and the cupcakes surrounding it hint at the Old School RuneScape Skills such as Hitpoints, Agility, Herblore, or Magic!

One year anniversary OSRS Cake

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This simple cake is a copy of the in game cake item and it was made to celebrate a one year relationship from the message on the quest completed scroll!

OSRS Runes Wedding Cake

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When you love combining your passions you get an Old School RuneScape Wedding Cake! This fondant wedding cake was certainly a huge piece and it shows just how much this game means for some of the players! It’s heartwarming!

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