Old School RuneScape Inspired Birthday Cakes

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Birthday cakes represent a very popular way to celebrate someone’s life. The tradition of birthday cakes originated in ancient Greece, where cakes were made to honor Artemis, the moon goddess, and adorned with candles. Ancient Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays of the common man with cakes made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and cheese. Initially viewed as pagan by the Christian Church, birthday celebrations gained acceptance with the celebration of Jesus’ birth during Christmas.

The modern birthday cake tradition emerged in 18th-century Germany with Kinderfest, where children’s birthdays were celebrated with single-layer cakes and candles representing each year of life, plus one for hope of future years. The Industrial Revolution made birthday cakes more accessible due to cheaper and more widely available baking ingredients and tools. Today, birthday cakes are an integral part of celebrations worldwide, available in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, often featuring elaborate decorations.

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OSRS Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes can carry even more meaning since their decorations can be tailored around one’s personality, passions, or lifestyle. Since Old School RuneScape has become a lifestyle for so many players, it was only natural that those who celebrate them started making cakes that hint at the game in a smaller or bigger way.

Primordial boots birthday cake

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This birthday cake wants to be both a reproduction of the OSRS cake item with an extra layer of personalization found in the rather expensive Primordial boots. Though the steel scimitar depicted on the cake does not match the foot wear, they are both iconic items that will make any scaper glad to see a piece of RuneScape IRL.

Jad cake

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Even though the effect is amazing this birthday cake does not need as much skill to make. The focus is on the single runescapy decoration in the form of the feared Jad. It’s nice and on point!

OSRS Chocolate cake

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Another OSRS cake you can make in game either by using chocolate dust or a chocolate bar on the regular cake is the chocolate cake. This OSRS inspired chocolate cake has a not easily recognizable weapon on top along with the runes that spell “runescape”. It comes together with some cupcakes decorated as in game runes for an extra reminder of the game.

Red party hat cake

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Another iconic item is for sure the party hat! This fondant covered cake is super complex and wants to hint both at the in game cake item, the red party hat, a weapon, and a nice message on a scroll that resembles the one that pops when you finish a quest! The attention to details in this one is on a whole other level, especially since it is a rather big multi layered cake!

Great Olm cake

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Some players love to focus on a particular piece of content, for one reason or another. The Great Olm boss from Chambers of Xeric has for sure left a mark on this scaper who received a Great Olm cake for their birthday! Only the most talented and patient bakers can pull this one out and it is for sure a piece of art that requires IRL cooking at 99.

Simple yellow RS cake

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If you’d rather go with something simpler, this yellow cake is the proof that less is more. An elegant one colour cake that strongly hints at Old School RuneScape through the sugary decorations that spell the name of the game together with the steel dagger on top of it!

OSRS Birthday Cake

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This cake is an amazing copy of the in-game two handed item called birthday cake. While in game you can get this from the Birthday event which represents the game’s anniversary, IRL it could be more complicated. The cake is layered and glazed with the specific purple coating, and this baker even went into small details such as matching the colours of the candles on top!

Dragon Scimitar Cake

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This is another fondant cake which has on top the perfect copies of the dragon scimitar and rune shield items. What’s really nice is how accurate the representation of both of the items is.

Vorkath cake

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This Vorkath cake combines the printed glaze technique with a Vorkath figurine to hint strongly at this scaper’s passion for the undead dragon boss. While easy to make with the right tools, it is not something a home kitchen could easily accommodate.

OSRS Theoatrix Cake

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This cake is a copy of the in game cake item which goes even further with hinting at the game with some rune decorations, as well as a Jad and a KBD figurine, plus a god sword, and the quest completed scroll. My surprise during my research for this article was reading the name on the scroll since Theoatrix is the one who wrote the first ever OSRS guides I used and the first OSRS youtuber I subscribed to. A great fondant cake which strongly hints both at the game and at the player!

OSRS Runes Cake

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This fondant cake is another great copy of the in game cake item. The decor is simple, but intricate with the quest completed scroll on top and runes all around it.

OSRS cake

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This cake is a different copy of the in game cake which not only hints at the looks of the in game cake, but also the baking and decorating techniques that the in game one resembles, with the two layers not covered by any glaze, the white frosting and red jelly in the middle, and the white fondant on top. It also has a red party hat and a total level that represents the age of the scaper!

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