IRL Christmas Gifts inspired by Old School RuneScape

Christmas gifts inspired by Old School RuneScape, maenmiu logo

Christmas is a cozy time of the year and Christmas gifts are a big part of it. Some of the players were lucky enough to get that good RNG IRL and got some amazing Old School RuneScape inspired gifts. Here’s a list of some great ones I’ve found, but if you think I’m missing something feel free to get in touch.

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Xmas Gift OSRS inspired Hoodie

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What’s better than a simple hoodie that has a print with the desired or the actual levels of the scaper who received it. Warm, cozy, and runescapy! There are many variations to this, but the additional message that’s printed on it “Excuse me, my eyes are up here” adds a humorous layer to the whole gift since it’s a reference to the maxed account meme which is based on the idea that Old School RuneScape players find maxed accounts irresistible.

OSRS mousepad

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A gamer’s mousepad is an essential piece of any gaming setup and even though you can play OSRS on mobile the PC experience is still for many activities, especially construction and PvP, the way. A large RuneScape inspired mouse pad could be the perfect Xmas gift for many scapers. The idea of getting an OSRS inspired mousepad is brilliant!


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What’s cozier than a rug? An Old School RuneScape inspired rug! This could be a perfect Christmas gift for any scaper and it will certainly fit any room design and add a bit of warmth!

OSRS Crochet Blanket

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An Old School RuneScape inspired crochet blanket could be another amazing Christmas gift that adds a layer of warmth and a cozy feeling to the mix. This one takes a lot of advanced crochet skill and a lot of patience to make, but the results are totally worth it.

Jad Jewelry Box

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Speaking of skills, this Jad jewelry box is on another mastery level! A fun project that was probably a bit harder to pull than killing Jad himself, yet a trophy to both the feared Firecape boss, and to the player who killed it. The lava and the light will surely bring a full layer of warmth and coziness perfect for Christmas.

OSRS inspired Mug

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For all the coffee lovers a RuneScape mug can be the perfect gift. Simple, easy to make, and allows for all the creativity in the world, while being rather inexpensive.

Thieving pet

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This is just brilliant! A realistic racoon toy with the Rocky name tag to hint at the Old School RuneScape Thieving pet! The piece of paper stating “You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed” builds up the idea of game inspired content even more. Simple, yet creative and on point, for a collection log Christmas gift!

Abyssal Whip IRL

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This one is really fancy! An IRL copy of the abyssal whip. Something that takes a fair amount of skill to make and wield, but something that could be another collection log Christmas gift! I have to admit the red looks really good, but a blood brown instead of red would have made for an even better copy for this one! The red just makes it more xmassy.

Carved RuneScape Pendant

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A carved RuneScape pendant can make a great Christmas gift since it’s a small thing with a big effect! It can be worn around the neck or even as a key ring.

OSRS Christmas Sock

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These homemade RuneScape Christmas socks just hit the right spot! They look amazing and they can be made by anyone with very little tools, but a lot of creativity and passion!

OSRS inspired apron

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This apron is another proof that it’s all in the small details. The cooking skill icon that was printed on it brings a piece of OSRS IRL on a very useful piece of cooking equipment!

Christmas tree OSRS decorations

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OSRS inspired Christmas tree decorations are on a whole new level when it comes to bringing Christmas and RuneScape together. They are really giftable and they make up an amazing and unique tree.

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