Quick Load Guide: How to keep your Bonecrusher charged

The Bonecrusher is one of my favourite items in Old School RuneScape because it automatically crushes most bones and gives passive Prayer XP whenever killing something that drops bones. There are two other similar items: the ash sanctifier for creatures that drop ashes and the ectoplasmator for spectral creatures. However, keeping the bonecrusher charged so it continues to bury the bones for you, can be a bit painful since you’ll need ecto-tokens to charge it. Luckily, there’s an easy method to do it

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Obtaining the Bonecrusher

To obtain the Bonecrusher you’ll first need to complete the hard Morytania diary. Afterwards, grab your ghostspeak amulet, a teleport to a bank, and the ectophial. Teleport to the ectofuntus and equip the ghostspeak amulet and speak to the ghost disciple to obtain the item. You can use a dragonbone necklace from Vorkath along with a Hydra tail from the Alchemical hydra to transform your bonecrusher into a wearable Bonecrusher necklace that is the BIS prayer neck-slot piece.

Bonecrusher options

You can toggle your charged Bonecrusher or Bonecrusher necklace to crush or to not crush bones depending on your needs. This is because it might not be worth crushing normal bones and consume charges or you might want to save those dragon bones and use them at the Chaos temple in the Wilderness instead. You might also want to crush some of the bones in a trip and save some to sell or bank. You can always check your charges by right-clicking the Bonecrusher in your inventory.

Prayer XP

With the Morytania hard you will get 50 percent of the XP you’d normally get for burying that type of bones, while with the elite Morytania diary you will get the full 100 percent.

Charging the Bonecrusher

To charge the Bonecrusher you will need to use ecto-tokens on it. Each ecto-token will give you 25 charges which will let you crush 25 bones.

To obtain ecto-tokens fast grab your rune pouch or any other teleport near a bank, your Ectophial, and 13 bones of your choice. Preferably bring dragon bones or other high level bones since you will also gain XP.

Click on the Ectophial to get to Ectofuntus, then walk south and click to pass the energy barrier. Enter the house to the south west and find Robin. Right click him and click claim slime.

He will instantly transform the bones into bonemeal and slime.

Click on the Ectophial again and spam click the middle of the Ectofuntus until you empty all your buckets and pots, then teleport to a bank and get another 13 bones.

With the hard Morytania diary, Robin will trade you 26 bones a day, and with the elite, 39, so you’ll be able to have two or three trips a day.
Once in a while, after you do your normal trip, teleport to a bank again and get your Bonecrusher and your ghostspeak amulet and teleport to the Ectofuntus again. There, speak to the ghost disciple and ask him to give you the ecto-tokens you’ve earned, then use the ecto-tokens on your Bonecrusher to charge it.

Depending on how many monsters you kill you don’t need to do this daily to keep your Bonecrusher charged, but the more often you do it, the more charges you’ll stack up.
If you kill more than 650 monsters that drop bones a day, you might wanna priorities doing the elite diary, which will bring you to 975 charges a day. The maximum amount of charges you can stack up is the same as the max cash number, 2,147,483,647, because of the 32-bit signed integers that store values in OSRS.

XP rates and prayer restauration

Type of bonesBonecrusher XP with Morytania hardBonecrusher XP with Morytania hardBonecrusher Necklace Prayer points restored
Bones, wolf bones, burnt bones2.2 XP4.5 XP1 Prayer point
Big bones, jogre bones7.5 XP15 XP2 Prayer points
Wyrmling bones10.5 XP21 XP2 Prayer points
Zogre bones11.2 XP22.5 XP2 Prayer points
Babydragon bones15 XP30 XP3 Prayer points
Wyrm bones25 XP50 XP3 Prayer points
Wyvern bones36 XP72 XP3 Prayer points
Dragon bones36 XP72 XP4 Prayer points
Drake bones40 XP80 XP4 Prayer points
Lava dragon bones42.5 XP85 XP4 Prayer points
Hydra bones55 XP110 XP4 Prayer points
Dagannoth bones62.5 XP125 XP4 Prayer points
Superior dragon bones75 XP150 XP5 Prayer points

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