Quick Load Guide: the lowest effort 1 to 99 Construction

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Construction is a skill that has only two major training methods: the poh method and the mahogany home method. However, there are some variations within the main methods that can make it somewhat more bearable to train Construction in OSRS.

No matter what you do to train Construction, you’ll have to invest a ton of planks in this skill, and given that even herblore has a secret profitable way and Prayer training is much cheaper, this leaves Construction as the most expensive skill in the game.

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How this compares to other methods

Except going for the much slower mahogany homes method and using the much slower but cheaper lower tier planks, there is nothing much you can do about the costs of Construction, but there is something you can do about the effort you put in, without being much slower. And that’s holding the 1 key! However, there are not many options for doing this, and there’s this reddit method that has you click the same pixels to avoid pressing the 6 key, but this one is not that low effort because of the butler who won’t spawn in the exact same place every time and it is much harder to time when to press 1 for the buttle especially coordinating with the mouse hand that’s spam clicking on everything else.

MethodMahogany homesStandard methodHold 1 methodSame Pixel method
Best XP per hour possible230k880k600k880k
Click intensitymediumhighmediumhigh
Attention neededmediumhighmediumhigh
Cost wiseexpensiveVery expensiveVery expensiveVery expensive
Gp per xp-2 to -7 gp per xp-7 to 17 gp per xp-7 to 17 gp per xp-7 to 17 gp per xp
Mobile friendlyNoNoNoNo

The Hold 1 method

You can only approach this method on RuneLite since Jagex made the Menu Entry Swapper legal for Construction not long ago. What you need to do is to change the left click on whatever you are building hotspot to “build” and on the built hotspot to “remove”. I explained this for the Mahogany planks at large in the Construction new meta quick load guide, so if you need more details check that one out.

Level 1 to level 9

From level 1 to level 9 do Crude wooden chairs. You’ll need some nails on top of the planks, hammer and saw, and you can find it in the Parlour. Use the menu entry swapper on the hotspots and press 1 as you’re building and removing the chairs

Level 9 to level 36

Your best hold 1 bet from level 9 to 36 is building Wooden Larder in the kitchen. Use the menu entry swapper and proceed! You’ll use 5 planks per piece and gain 228 XP. You will still need nails.

Level 36 to 39 / 61

From 36 to 61 build build Oak trophy cases in your League Hall. You will use 6 oak planks at a time and get 360 XP. For a more costly version of the same XP per action you can start making Jesters in the game room at level 39, but teak planks cost almost double what oak planks cost so I’d stick to those oak trophy cases till 61.

Level 61 to 99

At level 61 you can start strong and gain around 600k XP per hour in your Throne Room by building the floor decoration. You’ll use 5 mahogany planks at a time and having the demon butler is crucial to maximize the XP per hour and keeping it low effort.

Level 74 to 99

At level 74 you unlock the Oak doors which are around 50k to 100k per hour slower, giving you up to 550k XP per hour, but at a much much cheaper price. If you’re on a tight budget do this! Not accounting for the butler cost which is slightly higher for the oak method since your butler will bring you more planks, you’ll use 8 gp per XP with oak planks and over 16 gp per XP with mahogany planks. With almost 12 mil XP from 74 to 99 you’ll end up spending around 95 mil with oak planks and more than double (190 mil) with Mahogany, with roughly 4 hours difference. Considering GP is effort, the lowest effort Construction training method is the hold 1 method for Oak doors! For this particular method it’s best to ask the demon butler to bring 20 oak planks at a time.

Hold 1 method options

Furniture nameXP gainedPlank typePlank amountLevel requiredRoom needed
Crude wooden chair58regular1x1Parlour
Wooden Larder228regular5x9kitchen
Oak trophy case360Oak plank6x36League hall
Jester360Teak Plank4x39Games room
Shuttered Windows228regular5x49Chapel
Floor decoration700Mahogany plank5x61Throne room
Oak door600Oak plank10x74Treasure room

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