OSRS vs IRL: OSRS Godsword Tattoos

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Old School RuneScape iconic items have been an inspiration for some players who decided to bring them to life on their own skin. These players have specifically chosen to ink godswords on their skin so that they keep their favourite spec weapon always with them. Godsword tattoos are extremely versatile and can fit a wide range of body parts and look really good! I was impressed to see such variety, yet extremely disappointed to read loads of nasty comments from people who can’t appreciate art or respect other people’s choices… Whether they dealt with negative comments or not, these scapers are proudly wearing their godsword tattoos, as they should be!

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A godsword for every finger

Original image source

This colorful tattoo depict one godsword on each finger except the thumb for a breathtaking effect and the thought of what if we could wield four godswords at once in game. The tattoos are made with both black and coloured ink with each sword having its own particular colourful element.

Traditional Godsword tattoo

Original image source

The design of this Godsword tattoo is intricate, showcasing both the hilt and the blade of the sword on a rather interesting background that seems to be a series of interconnected scales or armor-like patterns, culminating in a cross-like structure at the top. The blade itself extends upwards out of the frame of the image. The tattoo is done in black ink, with some shading to give depth and dimension to the scales and hilt details.

Temple Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This small godsword tattoo is placed on the left temple of the scaper and it represents and Armadyl Godsword according to the text that accompanies the original post “armadyl godsword has been acquired irl”.

Forearm Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

After carefully considering between a dragon scimitar tattoo, a dragon dagger tattoo, or a Neitiznot helm tattoo, this scaper chose to pick a Godsword tattoo for their forearm and is dedicated to wearing it for sentimental reasons. The tattoo is realized with black ink, has really clean lines, and intricate shading for an awesome visual effect!

Finger Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

While the other finger Godsword tattoo is inked on the full length of each finger, these Godswords are even smaller and cover only the proximal phalanges of each finger covering the skin from the knuckles to the middle knuckles. All of the godswords are made with black, grey and white ink, for a realistic representation of the actual Godswords in RuneScape and a spectacular visual effect, especially on tattoos this size! Their owner is still proud of wearing them 8 years later, according to their original post. Even though they faced a lot of unjustified hate and negative comments online, they manage to push that away with humour admitting that people often say “those are some cool looking crosses” when seeing them for the first time.

Arm Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This is an unfinished Saradomin Godsword Tattoo that’s fully made with black ink. It is positioned on the arm of the wearer and it features many unfinished details of the godsword. The owner reveals that the tattoo is made in the German Trash Polka style, which, as they explain, is “a type of style that is a collage of smears and smudges. It also focuses on colors of red and black” and they were planning to add “some blood splatter and also some words/phrases alongside of it”.

Saradomin Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This is another godsword tattoo that faced a ton of unjustified negative comments. However, one of the top comments reassures the original poster that “Here comes all the tattoo experts who have watched every season of Ink master. Who gives a s***, your friend likes it, cool, that’s all that matters”.

Torso Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This torso godsword tattoo is one of the largest and cleanest godsword tattoos out there. Unlike many others of its kind this one has actually received a lot of praise, but the malicious comments were not absent either.

Simple Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This is a very clean and simple godsword tattoo drawn on this scaper’s arm. It is made with black in and it depicts just the contouring lines of a godsword. With some people pleading “get that shaded” in the group where it was originally posted, others tried to make nasty comments about the look not being finished or about the overall cost of the tattoo, failing to realize that there are many artists specializing in line art or single needle tattoos. Luckily, this is another proud owner who admits they “don’t really care about cost when it comes to something that’s gonna be on my skin forever, I’m happy with it, and that’s what matters”. And speaking of simple things, it’s quite simple to join our discord.

Mind-blowing Godsword Tattoo

Original image source

This Bandos Godsword tattoo is one of the best of its kind out there and it mixes the creativity of the artist with the in game item for an absolutely mind-blowing piece of art! While the hilt represents a green copy of the godsword, the blade is constructed through geometric shapes resembling the Dungeons & Dragons dices, for an original and colourful take of the spec weapon. Resting on the inner forearm of this scaper, this godsword tattoo, made someone re-interpret the abbreviation BGS as Bandos Geo(metric) Sword or call it the RNG Godsword amongst, for once, only positive comments.

Face Godsword Tattoos

Original image source

Another impressive godsword tattoo, this time covering part of the face of the wearer. This colourful Saradomin Godsword tattoo is of a small size compared to others, yet it contains all the details it needs and a nice gradient on the tip. Another proud tattoo owner who shared their tattoo expecting the hate “decided to get another OSRS inspired tattoo, bring on the face tattoo haters”.

Matching Godsword tattoos

Original image source

These Godsword tattoos are made on the inner side of the left foot of each wearer. The blue one depicts the Armadyl Godsword, while the yellow one represents the Saradomin Godsword. Simple, yet colourful these two stirred the haters and a lot of unjustified negative reactions, while others had a problem with how the photo was taken with the feet touching each other. These tattoos represent more than the godswords they depict, they also symbolize the friendship and connection these two scapers share!

Bandos Godsword tattoo

Original image source

This Bandos Godsword tattoo is more elaborate and is created with the single needle technique combined with some shading for a great visual effect. It is fully made with black ink and since it is posted on the artist’s page!

Simple Armadyl Godsword tattoos

Original image source

Another treasure found on the artist’s page rather than shared by the scaper is this simple Armadyl Godsword tattoo. Made in the same line art technique, this simple black ink tattoo is proudly sitting on what appears to be the back of the calf of this scaper!

Inner Forearm Bandos Godsword Tattoo

Original Image source

Last but not least, this Bandos Godsword tattoo placed on the inner forearm. The tattoo in the image showcases a bold, blackwork style. This technique is characterized by the use of solid black ink to create strong lines and striking contrast without shading or color. It’s an approach that relies on the precision of the lines and the starkness of the design to make a visual impact. Blackwork is often chosen for its visual clarity and for designs that emphasize form and silhouette which works absolutely perfect for this BGS.

If you know any other Old School RuneScape tattoos that would fit this list don’t hesitate to get in touch or join discord.

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