Quick Load Guide: How to suicide in Old School RuneScape

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Suiciding or killing your character in Old School RuneScape is not an easy task, and many of the methods are locked behind quests or are area or item locked. In games like Albion, suiciding is as simple as typing /suicide in the chatbox and it is often used as a means to fast travel. However, RuneScape offers plenty of teleports so suiciding is rarely used to teleport away, except for the over level 30 Wilderness where you will want to sometimes suicide to fast travel. Instead, suiciding can be used to reset certain stats or to get rid of certain debuffs, or even to get a pile of food in a convenient location, such as a boss lair, like KBD.

If you were not looking for Old School RuneScape related suicide methods, here’s a link where you can find a helpline for your country and a game to play to keep those thoughts away.  

In OSRS your character dies whenever your hitpoints reach 0 and you will automatically respawn at the respawn point you picked or, by default, Lumbridge. Except for your three most valuable items, unless skulled, everything else will go to your grave provided that it wasn’t a PvP death in the Wilderness. This is why before suiciding you should deposit all your inventory and your gear. There are special cases where you might want to have food in your inventory before suiciding.

To suicide in Old School RuneScape you can use various methods such as items that damage your character, actions that damage your character, places that damage your character, or monsters. Sometimes it will be more efficient to use a combination of methods.

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Not viable methods

Keep in mind that there are only three items in OSRS that can you can use to deal lethal damage to yourself: the enchanted symbol, the strange device, and the lit strange object. The enchanted symbol from Mage Arena 2 is not good for this since you will lose and have to re-obtain each time you die. The strange device from hotter or colder master clue scrolls is not a viable option since you will need to have a master clue scroll kept in your bank that’s on a hotter and colder step and the strage device from beginner clues does not harm you. The quest item, lit strange object, is also not a viable option because it can only be obtained during the Fremennik trials quest, so you’d have to keep your quest at the point before using the item so you can re-obtain it.

Non-lethal damage

The rest of the items that can damage you, prevent you from dealing lethal damage to yourself so therefore cannot be used on their own to kill your OSRS character:

  • Locator orb

You can get your own locator orb during the Dragon Slayer 2 quest and you can self harm with it. Each time you will damage yourself by -10. The best advantage is that you can keep it in your bank and use it for a variety of purposes, such as training inside the Nightmare zone.

  • Dwarven rock cake

This is another quest item from the freeing the mountain daughter part of Recipe for Disaster. If you right click guzzle this item it will hit you for 10 percent of your hitpoints and if you left click it you will take -1 damage as long as your hp is over 2.

  • Cave nightshade

You can self damage by -15 with each cave nightshade, but they are untradeable so you will have to obtain your own.

  • Divine potions

You can simply buy divine potions off the GE and the cheapest one is the divine magic potion. Each dose will damage you for -10, but if you’re an iron you’ll need to complete SOTE first to gain access to Prifddinas.

  • Poison Karambwans

The Poison Karambwan is another no go because it only lowers your hp by -5 each time you eat one and they are untradeable so you’d have to cook your own.

  • Chemical compound and Nitro-glycerine

Both untradeable items which can be obtained during and after the Digsite quest. They deal -65 and -25 damage when you right click drop them, but the process of obtaining them is rather complex.

  • Other less viable methods to lower your hp:
    • Rock cake
    • Zamorak brew
    • Ground bat bones combined with Guam potion (unf)
    • Soulreaper axe
    • Poison chalice

Viable methods to kill your own OSRS character

When it comes to methods to kill your own character in Old School RuneScape you can get as creative as you want keeping in mind that for a smooth and fast process you can use any of the methods to lower your HP and have the final blow somehow else.

Deadly sting (Locator orb + nettles)

This is by far the fastest method to suicide in OSRS. Teleport to Edgeville and use the locator orb to damage yourself for -10 HP each time you click it until you reach 1 hp and then try to pick some nettles. This will finish you off! You need to use the nettles since you cannot lethally harm yourself with the locator orb. If you haven’t started DS2 for the locator orb, but you have completed RFD you can use the dwarven rock cake instead, and if you haven’t completed this quest either divine potions are your next best. If the sting from the nettles is not a go to for you then you might want to try another method.

Fatal fall (Locator orb + monkey agility course)

Completing Monkey Madness 2 will give you access to another fast suicide method. Damage yourself until you reach 1 hp and travel to fairy ring CLR and use the monkey agility course without turning into a monkey first. Unless you are turned into a monkey with a greegree you are guaranteed to fail the course and the damage you take is lethal.

Struck by the gods (Wine of Zamorak)

A pretty commonly used suicide method in OSRS is getting struck by the gods to death. If you don’t want to anti-PK, but you want to offer bones at the Wilderness Chaos altar for some extra XP per bone, dying is a very good and fast way to get back to safety. After you are done with an inventory of bones simply spam click the nearby wine of Zamorak. You will get all your stats including your hp reduced every time and you will get the “STOP STEALING MY WINE! GAH!” message in your chatbox

Assisted death (POH)

If you have the help of another player, you can suffer a safe death inside a player owned house. You can do this either via the combat room with a combat ring or if they send you to the dungeon from a throne room. The house you’re using will need a hall room with stairs towards a dungeon floor and a throne room with a trapdoor and lever at the ground floor, and a stair room plus an oubliette with a fire pit at the dungeon floor. Having spikes or a tentacle floor also works but it is not as efficient in killing players.

Home sweet home (treasure room + challenge mode)

With 75 construction you can build a treasure room in your player owned house. You will still need the hall room with stairs that lead to the dungeon and a throne room with a lever so you can enable challenge mode. In the treasure room you can build the monster hotspot and have a permanent close to teleport monster to give you a safe death at home. The dragons are the most efficient for this but they are also really expensive costing 10 mil for the steel dragon and 25 mil for the rune dragon.

Deadly fishing (infernal eel)

At 80 fishing you can kill yourself by catching infernal eels without wearing the ice gloves. The process is rather slow and locked behind a Firecape since you can only access the infernal eel fishing spots after you get one. You will also need to have completed the Heroes quest to obtain an oily fishing rod and you’ll also need to have some bait with you. If you however decide on killing your character through this unconventional and rather inefficient method use fairy ring BLP to get there fast.

Dehydration (Desert death)

If you’d rather dehydrate your OSRS character to death you can either walk to the desert or use fairy ring BIQ to get there fast. Make sure to lower your HP with a locator orb or drawven cake beforehand. Make sure to not bring any of these items:

  • filled waterskins
  • Choc-ice
  • Desert amulet 4
  • Circlet of water
  • Desert clothing / outfit
  • Menaphite clothing
  • Robes of Elidinas
  • Prospector’s kit

Instead, if you want to not wait too long for the dessert heat to kill you, bring a cheap metal armour like a bronze armour set.

Freeze to death (Wintertodt)

If high temperatures are not to your taste freezing to death as the freezing cold is swiping in your bones might be it. You’ll need level 50 fire making and woodcutting to be able to suicide in the freezing cold of the Wintertodt, but it will be a faster death than the desert one. Grab a game necklace to teleport there and avoid warm clothing so you freeze even faster.

Deadly pocket (thieving)

If you’re training Thieving at Ardougne knights and you’re low on food or simply don’t want to spend your GP on food to maximize profits a common strategy is to keep pickpocketing and receiving the damage from the knight you’re training on until you are dead. This can vary greatly in duration depending on your thieving level and on whether or not you are wearing a dodgy necklace, gloves of silence, or your progression with the Ardougne diary.

Terrifying darkness

Being afraid of the dark is a rather universal fear, but in RuneScape if you go to dark places, you will start rapidly getting damaged after 18 seconds of being in the dark. There are 10 places where you can die from the insects damaging you in the dark in OSRS, and some are more accessible than others.

  • Dorgesh-Kaan mine
  • Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
  • Falador Mole Lair
  • Genie’s crevice
  • Kruk’s Dungeon
  • Lumbridge Swamp Caves
  • Mos Le’Harmless Cave
  • Shayzien Crypts
  • Skavid Caves      
  • Sophanem Dungeon

Extreme heat (Karluum slayer dungeon)

This is a very fast death, but you can only do it before completing the elite Kourend diary since afterwards you will be immune to the extreme heat from the Karluum slayer cave. It is one of the fastest suicide methods if you have Rada’s blessing 3 for a quick teleport to the mountain. Do not bring gear and especially don’t bring the boots of stone or boots of brimstone if you’re trying to get your character killed like this.

Agro death

This is probably the cause of most accidental deaths: agroing monsters across Gielinor can get you killed. You’re probably already familiar with the dark wizards in Draynor village or those south of Varrock and maybe even with the hero that roams around Ardougne market in search of players who happen to train their thieving at the baker’s stall. As long as you’re not wearing any armour any monster can kill you even if you have 99 defence. You just need to get their attention first and then give them enough time to do so. If your combat level is too high to agro the nearby monsters simply turn your auto retaliate off then punch a monster then click away and wait for them to hit you back until they kill you. Don’t pick a seagull though, but rather opt for a guard or something that has at least level 20 combat so you don’t get logged out before they kill you. Assisting them by initially lowering your health with a locator orb will speed up the process even further.

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