Quick Load Guide: The Best OSRS Tools and Calculators

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There are quite a few very useful calculators for various OSRS activities. Many of them are third parties and Jagex has nothing to do with them and they were created with passion by other players who also needed them.

They are generally a great tool to help you better prepare for your goals. There are always three important components in achieving your goals, regardless of whether they are IRL goals or Old School RuneScape goals. First, it’s setting the goal, then getting ready, or preparing for the actions needed for that goal, and ultimately there are the actions themselves.

  • Setting the goals
  • Preparing for the goals
  • Taking actions towards the goals

While the actions are a huge and necessary step, the first two are the ones deciding how successful and efficient you’ll be.

These tools are great for the getting ready or preparation part, and for sure you can do without them, or calculate manually, but why run in the blind when you can get a clearer picture and prep better so that the actions are easier?

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Skill Calculator

There are many skill calculators that will let you know how many actions you need to take towards the desired goal. They will also approximate how much you will profit or lose from the process, for skills that can involve buying certain items from the GE:

They’re a great way to understand what to expect or to make a buy list with the things you need for levelling, for skills such as Fletching, Crafting, or Herblore.

They’re also a great way to get a rough estimate on how long reaching a certain skill through a certain method will take if you care to google how many actions of that type you can do per hour and then divide number you need by that. For bank activities you will also need to divide it by the number of items you can make each inventory. For example by 27 when calculating stamina potions, or by 14 when calculating earth battlestaffs.

How to use

Simply input your in game name and the level you are aiming for, then the calculators will let you know how many successful actions of one type you’ll need to get.

Prayer drain calculator

The prayer drain calculator is my absolute favorite since it will let you know how long you’ll be able to afk for.

DPS calculator

There are two versions I know of for the DPS calculator. This spreadsheet that’s been around for a while and the official still in beta official one. The DPS calculator is amazing if you want to find out what specific item will bring you the most damage spike which can be great especially before buying a new, shiny, and expensive item.

The DPS calculator will also account the monster you are facing since there are items such as the Fang that work better against monsters with a high defence.

Combat level calculator

This one is the best for when you’re levelling up especially that there are quite a few combat level milestones

  • Soul wars – 40 combat level
  • Dream mentor quest – 85
  • Veteran Pest control – 100
  • Mazchna – combat level 20
  • Vannaka – combat level 40
  • Chaeldar – combat level 70
  • Konar quo Maten – combat level 75
  • Nieve/Steve – combat level 85
  • Duradel –  combat level 100

Osrs Portal Tools

There are also some interesting tools on the osrs portal site. For example you can calculate how long it will take you to obtain the rewards from the tithe farm minigame, track shooting stars effortlessly, or calculate how much time and runes you’ll be spending to unlock various items at one of the most tedious activities up to date, the mage training arena, to mention just some of the few.

GE tracker

GE tracker is another third party website that offers various interesting tools that are useful especially for checking the price tendency of various items or calculate the GE tax, both very useful if flipping is your money making activity.

Alch mate

If you never know what to high alch alchmate is a good source of information as it will point out things you can use for high alching.

Jad simulator

This is a pretty decent tool if you want to practice for your very first fire cape. The Jad simulator will give you an effortless to get to Jad to practice the prayer swaps on, and it seems to be the only legit one out there. As a rule of thumb if any of the tools requires you to download them you should probably not do it since there have been numerous and various attempts to hijack accounts disguised in friendly tools or even game clients.

Temple OSRS

Temple OSRS is a great site if you want to track your progress over time. You’ll need to go to the site and lookup your in game name and the site will start tracking your progress.

Wise Old man

Wise old man also features character tracking, but it is also a great site for hosting skilling and bossing competitions for a group of players such as a clan

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