Quick load guide: How to get Skulled in OSRS

Skulled OSRS character at the deeper entrance of the Revenants' cave, maenmiu logo

This question popped for me with Leagues 4 Trailblazer Reloaded where in the first area I picked, the Wilderness, the Revenants drops are increased if you are skulled. While some of the methods are very known, other methods are less known, and less popular.


Entering the Abyss without wearing an abyssal bracelet will give you a skull. The trip is simple, start from Edgeville, go over the Wilderness fence and write click the Mage to get teleported to the Abyss.


To gain access to this, you’ll need to complete the Rune Mysteries quest and then the Enter the Abyss miniquest.


The skull from the Abyss lasts 10 minutes, but you can make it last 20 if you speak to the Emblem trader in Edgeville.

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Attack another player

For this you will first need to be in the Wilderness and find another player, and with how populated the Wilderness is that could be a challenge, especially if you just want to obtain a skull, not fight them.
If someone else attacked you first, you won’t get a skull by simply attacking them back, but with the friendly Wilderness with Leagues you might find someone willing to reset this. If you both log out and back in you’ll be able to get a skull on them.


Be in the Wilderness and find a player who’s in your attack combat level range who hasn’t attacked you first, ore willing to re-log with you.


The skull from attacking another player disappears after 30 minutes.

Cape of Skulls

This very rare cape which can only be obtained from easy clue scroll rewards caskets wioll give you a PK skull every time you equip it, re-equip it, or upon logging in.


Buy it from the GE, or solve easy clue scrolls until you obtain it.


This skull lasts for 20 minutes and you will need to either hop worlds, re-log, or re-equip the cape every 20 minutes to get skulled again.

Emblem trader

The emblem trader inside the Wilderness Revenants’ Cave will give you a skull if you ask him nicely. Or just right click him and pick the skull option, but he will still make sure you really want it.

OSRS emblem trader roaming inside the revenants cave, maenmiu logo


Find him in the Rev cave (he is roaming a lot)


The Skull from the emblem trader is 10 minutes, but can be extended to up to 20 minutes if you speak to him in Edgeville and ask him to increase the duration

Amulet of Avarice

The amulet of Avarice is a very rare drop from the Revenants. It can be traded via the GE and it will give you a skull for as long as you are wearing it and for some time after unequipping it, besides giving some combat related perks.


Obtain an Amulet of Avarice.


The skull from the Amulet of Avarice will last for as long as you have it equipped plus 30 minutes after you unequip it.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that the only advantage of being skulled is increasing the drop rates of most of the revenants uniques, but it will also show other players your intentions to PvP, unless you’re in a Leagues world.

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