Quick Load Guide: OSRS competitions with Wise Old Man

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If you’re in the management of an Old School RuneScape clan and want to create a competition, you can use the wiseoldman tool for it, together with the plugin with the same name, and enjoy competing against your mates in all sorts of ways since the tool can track pretty much anything. From individual skills, to overall XP gained to bosses, clue scrolls, and even some minigames such as LMS, Bounty Hunter, or Guardians of the Rift. On top of this you can either track the individual process or if you wanna make this solo MMO feel more like an MMO you can track teams!

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A simple way to add the full clan to the a competition is by using the wise old man plugin which can help you automatically add or update the whole clan.

First you’ll need to create a new group and type the name of your clan as well as the home world. You will then need to add the code you receive and the group’s id to the wise old man pluging and hit the sync button from the clan interface to automatically add all of the members. You’ll be prompted with three options in the chat where you can pick from overriding the whole group, add new members, or cancel.

Creating a competition

Navigate to competitions and click on the create new competition and fill in the required information such as the competition title, what activity you want to track and the dates of the competition.

Creating a group

If you want to take the competition even further and have buy-ins that go towards the prize pool, you mighty want to track only specific players to avoid confusing or discouraging the participants and not the whole clan tracked by wise old man.

If this is the case, create a new group and pick to add the participants manually.

This is especially useful for when you have buy-ins for that competition or for bingo style competitions.

Finding the group

To find the link to your group simply type your group id after wiseoldman.net/groups/

Other tips

Other useful tips when organizing an Old School RuneScape competition are to always consider the preferences of the group when making the competition and to always give sufficient time before the competition begins! Multiple helping hands on the matter can also make everything smoother!

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