Quick Load Guide: How to get rid of a PK skull in OSRS

OSRS character at ferox enclave with and without a pk skull, maenmiu logo

A PK skull in Old School RuneScape is a temporary status that affects how many items you keep when you die. With the protect item prayer on you will still keep your most valuable item when skulled, but no item if you haven’t turned on that prayer. Unless you’re killed by a player you might also retain some ornated items even if you are skulled. The rest of the items will either go to your gravestone or towards the player who killed you. Since you will keep three more items on death if not skulled you might want to know how to get rid of a skull fast.

If you’re not looking to attack anyone, but you’re doing something in the Wilderness it is always best to use the skull prevention so you don’t accidentally get skulled.

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Generally speaking, there are three methods to get rid of a PK skull: waiting for the time to pass (and this can vary based on the means you used to get skulled), dying, or using two minigames. The fastest method for you will depend on your account progression since some of the methods are locked behind higher requirements than others.

No requirements method

Even though this is not the fastest method, it is pretty close, and accounting for the fact that unless you’re a f2p you won’t have to bank your items, it might be even better. Teleport to Ferox enclave with a dueling ring or use a skull sceptre and the Soulwars portal as f2p to get to ferox enclave. Hop to one of the LMS worlds (580, 326, or 469), talk to Lisa and join a casual lobby, then hop worlds again to get rid of the skull. Depending on your internet connection and how fast you are this method takes 30-35 seconds and you’ll have your initial gear on and be close to a bank inside Ferox enclave.

Fastest method

The fastest method to get rid of a PK skull is to teleport to Edgeville, bank everything, take your locator orb out, lower your health to 1hp, bank the locator orb, then go pick some nettles. This method is locked behind Dragon Slayer 2 and you will also need access to a charged amulet of glory, and this can be important if you’re an ironman, since to get your own you’ll need level 80 crafting, 68 magic, and the Heroes Quest. This method takes around 30 seconds, but you’ll then be naked at your  respawn point, which could be further away from a bank.

Other methods

The other minigame you can use to get rid of your skull is the Gauntlet which is locked behind the song of the elves quest. You will also have to bank your gear beforehand, so it is less convenient than the previous methods. Besides waiting you can also try other methods to suicide your character since dying is a sure way to remove a skull. Just make sure to bank everything beforehand.

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