OSRS Clan spotlight: Solo Synergy

OSRS Clan spotlight: Solo Synergy

Old School RuneScape clans have been an unofficial thing for as long as the game existed, but in 2021 Jagex made it official and introduced the new clan system. While there are various platforms where you can find OSRS clans if you want to join one, this new OSRS Clan Spotlight series will bring you a different insight into what to expect from some of the top OSRS clans, with unique interviews with the clan leadership.

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Solo Synergy

Solo Synergy is a relatively new international clan focused on fun, competition, and community. One of Solo Synergy’s owners, Smug Frog, agreed to give us some insight on their experience within the clan.

Clan name: Solo Synergy
Primary language: English
Size: 200+
Date founded: July 28th 2023

What differentiates your clan from other clans in OSRS?

I can’t really answer that since this is the first clan I’ve been a part of. But I will say people get along quite well here, and there’s always clanmates willing to do stuff with others, which includes our player-run events. These key elements are very important in a clan and makes this a special place!

How would you describe the overall culture and atmosphere of your clan?

Very supportive and inclusive – people are uplifting here during times of struggle, and celebratory during times of achievement. We also come from diverse backgrounds, spanning different locations across the globe, life stages, and in-game total levels. We’re an inclusive group that gets along well with each other no matter what our background is, and it’s a privilege to get to experience that. 

Can you share a particularly memorable event that your clan has organized?

My first ever Bingo was great! Before joining a clan, I never got to experience any real group content (ironman btw), but the collaborative aspect of Bingo gave me that feeling – it was very refreshing, and the experience is one I will cherish for a long time. If you’ve never been part of a Bingo before, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

What types of events and activities does your clan regularly host?

We regularly run Skill of the Week and Boss of the Week, with Bingos every few months or so. But there are also many player-run events as well whether it’s bossing or just hanging out in voice chat, so there’s usually something happening.

What events you haven’t done already but are eager to host in the future?

We shared the idea of hosting a runelink tournament within our clan discord, and it seemed to garner some interest. It’s a very unique event idea compared to the usual bossing or raids, and nostalgic for many people who’ve played this back in the day but never got to play it again due to the games room being a ghost town nowadays. Having a clan event for this allows us to re-experience it together 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If you were anything like myself, you’ve played OSRS for a long time with barely any contact with other fellow players. The lack of connections was the one real gap in my OSRS experience, but ever since joining Solo Synergy, I’ve gotten to connect with and befriend many other players. The game now feels truly complete to me, and I’m so grateful that I get to share my in-game experiences with a friendly clan such as this one.

If this is something you can relate to, I’d highly recommend finding a friendly clan to join, and I believe Solo Synergy would be a great home for you to be welcomed into!

What’s the best way for players interested in joining Solo Synergy to contact you?

Join our Discord
Join in game CC as guest: Solo Synergy

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