OSRS vs IRL: OSRS Skilling Tattoos

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Tattoos have a rich history that spans thousands of years, with evidence of tattooing found on mummies. Originally, tattoos were used for a variety of purposes, such as symbols of status or rank, spiritual or religious reasons, and as forms of punishment or branding for criminals. Tattoos were also used as amulets for protection, marks of fertility, pledges of love, and as a means of identifying members of a group or tribe.

Modern tattoos are a popular form of self-expression, symbolizing personal stories, beliefs, and aesthetics. They’ve moved from taboo to mainstream, reflecting individual identity and cultural diversity.

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Old School RuneScape Tattoos

Old School RuneScape tattoos stand both as a means of self expression, but are also a symbol of belonging to the community. When etched in conspicuous spots, these tattoos transform into subtle signals, inviting real-life connections among players, bridging the virtual world with the tangible through shared passion and recognition and serving as a way to be recognized by other gamers IRL.

Skilling Tattoos

Old School RuneScape skilling tattoos are vibrant tributes to the game’s skilling system, embodying a player’s dedication to mastering specific skills like firemaking, fishing, or woodcutting. These tattoos, often intricate and symbolic, showcase milestones and achievements within the game, like reaching 99, getting millions of XP in a specific skill, or finally getting that skilling pet.

Multi Skills Tattoo

Original image source

Original image source

Why choose one skill when you can train them all? Similarly, why tattoo a single skill when you could tattoo multiple skills and have a subtle reference to another. This scaper tattooed 10 skill icons on their fingers: hitpoints, defence, strength, attacks, range, slayer, runecraft, hunter and prayer. They also hinted at the Magic skills by adding tattoos resembling multiple types of runes such as fire rune, cosmic rune, law rune, wrath rune, death rune, air rune, nature rune, and water rune. If you want to see other tattoos displaying OSRS runes, check these out.

Firemaking Tattoo

Original image source

Firemaking is one of the fastest skills to train. This scaper reached rank 3 with over 25 million Firemaking XP before Wintertodt was introduced to the game to soon become the most popular way of training firemaking. They strategically placed the firemaking icon under their arm so they can carry around a “concealed fire arm”.

Woodcutting Tattoo

Original image source 1 & Original image source 2

Woodcutting is some players’ favourite, especially with such fancy tools like the infernal axe, which gives you both woodcutting and firemaking XP and can save you from having to drop the logs as often as with other axes. This scaper added the infernal axe to their arm and it just hits the perfect spot!

Beaver Tattoo

Original image source

But woodcutting is more than about XP. The Beaver pet is an extremely rare pet you can get only while woodcutting . While this tattoo is not an exact copy of the in game beaver pet it sends a clear message since the beaver is holding a dragon axe and using it’s “chop chop” special attack. The scaper who got it gained 25 million Woodcutting XP without obtaining the pet, so at least they got one on their arm following them forever now.

Mining Tattoo

Original image source

This mining tattoo is a tiny pickaxe and the scaper who has it chose it because they were “mining gold ore 24/7 at the crafting guild back in 2009 at who knows how much each” and their goal back in the day was to save “enough gp to buy blue wiz (g)” according to the post they made in an OSRS facebook group.

Agility Tattoo

Original image source

This one is a very creative use of the agility icon. This scaper chose to have this tattoo on their calf to remind them of all of the agility courses in Old School RuneScape.

Prayer Tattoo

Original image source

This Prayer tattoo is just impressive! The attention to details mixed with the intricate geometric shapes celebrate the Prayer skill at a whole new level.

Range Tattoo

Original image source

This tattoo depicts the Ranged skill from OSRS, marking the wearer as an archer not just in-game but in spirit. It’s a badge of precision, celebrating a player’s mastery of the virtual bow.

Fletching Tattoo

Original image source

This OSRS-inspired tattoo of crossed arrows symbolizes the Fletching skill, strategically placed on the shoulder to evoke a quiver slung for battle, marking the wearer as a skilled virtual archer ready for action. It was done to celebrate this scaper’s first 99 and they think of it as a “nice symbol of how much this game impacted their life”.

Cooking Tattoo – Burnt trout

Original image source

This tattoo is a pixelated depiction of a trout, an iconic catch in OSRS often associated with the Fishing and Cooking skills. The burnt trout is placed on the inner forearm is easily visible, allowing the wearer to showcase their love for the game and its classic, skill-building journey. The scaper explains why they got this tattoo: “started as an inside joke with the fam, then I did a 24h trout cooking stream, then I put up a sub goal, reached it, and got the tatt as promised”.

Lobster Tattoo

Original image source

This tattoo portrays a stylized, geometric lobster, a nod to the Fishing skill in Old School RuneScape, where catching lobsters is a notable milestone for player as well as a reminder of the old days. The design’s angular, modern twist on the classic 8-bit aesthetic mirrors the game’s pixel art style.

The bold orange color captures the lobster’s vibrant hue after being cooked in the game, a task that requires proficiency in the Fishing and Cooking skills. This tattoo not only celebrates the player’s in-game achievements but also displays a creative, modern twist on the OSRS aesthetic. The choice to have it inked on the arm provides visibility, signifying the wearer’s proud to be a runescaper as they should be!

Crab Tattoo

Original image source

Positioned on the side of the neck, this small crab tattoo is a bold statement, symbolizing the wearer’s connection to Old School RuneScape. It’s a discreet yet prominent declaration of the player’s gaming passions, reflecting the importance of Fishing, Cooking and afk combat in OSRS.

Trout tattoo

Original image source

This tattoo features an abstract, geometric interpretation of a trout, a common fish in Old School RuneScape). Its angular design gives it a modern, stylized look that contrasts with the game’s classic pixelated art style. The clean lines and sharp angles of the trout tattoo make it a minimalist yet bold expression of the player’s achievements in the game, symbolizing the patience and persistence required to skill up in OSRS. The size and simplicity of the design speak to a refined aesthetic, one that mirrors the straightforward yet rewarding experience of fishing in the rivers of Gielinor.

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