Quick Load Guide: Splashing for Magic XP in OSRS

OSRS character splashing a goblin, Magic xp, maenmiu logo

Splashing is one of the most AFK training methods in Old School RuneScape with an afk time of up to 20 minutes. You will be able to gain anywhere between 6k and 60k xp per hour while clicking 3 times per hour. While it is possible to splash on mobile, similar to the NMZ or other methods that require so little clicks, it is much better to splash on PC where you will not get disconnected after 5 or 6 minutes of not touching the screen. If you’re splashing on mobile you will need to tap on your screen every 5 minutes or so.

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Splashing Gear

Splashing gear is very simple to come by whether you are an ironman, regular account, free to play or members. All you’ll need is:

  • Bronze full helm
  • Bronze plate body
  • Bronze plate legs
  • Bronze Kiteshield
  • Cursed Goblin Staff
  • Fancy boots or Frog Leather boots or no boots at all

Except the cursed goblin staff which you can get from Django in Draynor village and Fancy boots from the Stronghold of Security, you can get every other item from the GE. As an iron you’ll need to get them from Falador, Al Kharid, Varrock, and the Barbarian village armour shops. Your aim is to get at least -64 Magic. If you have access to gear that negatively modifies your magic attack bonus you can grab an elemental staff instead of the cursed goblin staff.

For example you could get some dragon boots and some green dhide vambraces and an elemental staff provided that your skill levels and account progression allowed you to do so. You can pretty much use any gear provided that you have at least -64 or even more negative magic attack bonus.

Do not wear any jewelry, cape or or ring that gives you positive magic attack bonus such as the amulet or glory or combat bracelet.


Bring some teleport items such as the Amulet of glory, ring of wealth, or teleport tablets and runes to cast the highest level combat spell you can. Bring a stack of mind runes, chaos runes, death runes, air, earth, fire and water runes.


Turn auto=retaliate on and select the highest level spell you have access to.


You can splash on any low level creature that won’t deal damage to you, but you can’t splash in Lumbridge and around. A popular location is the Port Sarim dock where you can splash on seagulls.

My top favourite is the goblins near the Barbarian Village since you can use the skull scepter to teleport there and that’s great both as a free to play and early level iron.

Other tips

Always get more runes than needed for the next level since on RuneLite you’ll keep splashing even after the 20 minutes past, but you wont get any XP. You will still consume some of those runes. Make sure you change to the next level spell as soon as possible, and remember that even though splashing is relaxing, it is an expensive way to train magic that won’t bring you anything else but XP. At level 86 Magic you should most likely stop splashing and cast plank make. You’ll be able to afk for 1 and a half minute, but you’ll earn a lot of GP.

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