OSRS vs IRL: OSRS character tattoos

Tattoos are amazing and permanent ways to express oneself. Even though their style can be so different and unique they are part of the wearer and of the artist and in this case of something more. These Old School RuneScape inspired tattoos are part of the game, a part brought to life with ink to immortalize the characters these scapers love to play or to allude to them.

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OSRS noob character tattoo

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This tattoo features an OSRS base character and a “NOOB” banner. It is made in a simplified, cartoonish style typical of game art. The colors are basic, with bold outlines and flat areas of color, reflecting a traditional tattoo style. The tattoo uses solid color fill and clean linework, indicating skilled execution. This tattoo likely represents the player’s personal experience or joke within the game community.

Ranger tattoo

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This tattoo is a interpretation of an Old School RuneScape character wearing ranged gear. It is placed on the upper arm and the design features a fragmented, polygonal style, creating an abstract version of the character with muted earth tones and subtle shading. The use of line work is precise, and the shading underlines the angular shapes, giving a 3D effect.

Zaros character tattoo

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This tattoo portrays a cat dressed in a robe from Old School RuneScape along with the ancient staff, located on the forearm. The cat is rendered in a realistic style with detailed shading and texture, contrasting with the simplistic, bright purple ancient staff she’s holding. The use of soft grays and browns gives the cat a lifelike appearance. This tattoo hints at the game and is a very unique representation of an OSRS character.

Magers tattoo

These two tattoos display two OSRS characters casting spells while wearing two variations of the mystic set. You might have seen them in the matching tattoos post.

Melleer tattoo

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This tattoo, made on the calf, features an Old School RuneScape character in detailed melee armor (Bandos chestplate and tassets) and wielding an abyssal whip alongside the dragonfire shield, done in a sketch-like, linework style without color, emphasizing the draftsmanship. The tattoo is medium-sized, neatly fitting the calf area, using fine lines and cross-hatching for shading, giving it a hand-drawn, almost illustrative feel.

Colourful melleer tattoo

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This tattoo features a vividly colored OSRS character on the upper thigh. The tattoo is done in a rich, illustrative style with deep reds and muted earth tones, accentuated by detailed shading and textural contrasts to display a character wearing the dragon platelegs, fighter torso, abyssal whip and amulet of glory, like a true mid-gamer. The figure is shown with dynamic contours and a sense of movement, emphasizing the character’s armor and gear.

Melee charter tattoo

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This tattoo showcases another OSRS character placed on the forearm wearing higher tier melee gear than the other ones. It’s executed in a bold, new-school style featuring vivid red and gray colors with black outlining to emphasize contrast and depth. The artistic technique involves smooth shading and crisp linework, capturing the once best in slot Bandos tassets, Bandos chest, and the still BIS primordial boots, ferocious gloves, and faceguard while wielding one of the most popular weapons: the abyssal whip. If you’re curious about how other OSRS weapons turned out as tattoos check this.

Elite void character tattoo

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This tattoo on the forearm displays an OSRS character wearing the elite void armour. Rendered in a black and gray style, it emphasizes shadows and depth, creating a realistic portrayal with a dramatic feel. The tattoo features detailed shading and textures that enhance the character’s attire and equipment, indicating a skilled technique in realism.

OSRS Character model tattoo

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This tattoo, placed on the calf, features a minimalist depiction of a base character model from Old School RuneScape in a simplified, cartoonish style. The character is shown with a bald head, a green shirt, and darker pants, highlighted in bold flat colors and clean outlines. This style emphasizes clarity and playful representation.

Bronze plate character tattoo

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This tattoo on the forearm captures an Old School RuneScape character in bronze armor, underscored by the text “BUYING GF,” a popular in-game joke. The style is bold and colorful, using primary colors like browns and yellow to highlight the character’s armor. The technique involves solid fill and crisp outlines, typical of classic tattoo styles.

Mid level character tattoo

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This tattoo made on the upper leg represents an Old School RuneScape character in a distinctive geometric style. The character is composed of various polygonal shapes in muted grays, blacks, and hints of orange and red, giving a fragmented, modern appearance. The style uses solid colors and sharp lines to display a mid level character wearing Dharock equipment, the dragon boots, and a fireape as well as an amulet of glory.

OSRS simple character tattoo

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This tattoo, located on the calf, features a simple depiction of a character from Old School RuneScape executed in a minimalist, sketch-like style. It’s a fresh tattoo inked in neutral colours. it has both precise contour lines and a beautiful fill with shades and lights to bring to life a nice OSRS character base model.

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