OSRS vs IRL: Old School Runescape PK Tattoos

PKing is an activity specific to the Wilderness greatly loved by some players, so much so that some decided to take inspiration from it and bring it to life on their skin as tattoos.

Obby Mauler Tattoo

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This OSRS tattoo features a PK character, depicted in a geometric, blocky style reminiscent of the game’s graphics. The tattoo employs solid color fills, clean lines, and angular shapes, which give it a digital, pixel-art feel. Placed on the outer calf, the design is given ample space to showcase its details and allows for an expansive display. The use of bold, contrasting colors like reds, greens, and tans adds to the character’s presence, making the tattoo a distinct piece that captures the essence of the game’s PvP combat.

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Leg Pixelated Skull tattoo

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The tattoo showcases the iconic skull emblem from OSRS, symbolizing a player killer in a pixel-art style. The tattoo uses a simple yet effective technique of small squares to mimic the game’s retro graphics, employing varying shades of blue to create depth and dimension. Placed squarely on the calf, an area that provides a flat, even canvas, the tattoo is both a nod to the game’s visual style and a badge of the wearer’s PvP enthusiasm. The classic skull design is instantly recognizable to fans of the game and evokes the risk and thrill of player-vs-player combat in OSRS.

Wrist skull tattoo

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This tattoo is a direct tribute to the PK skull from OSRS, placed on the forearm, a classic location for prominent display. It’s crafted in a pixel-art style that echoes the game’s aesthetic, using blocks of grey and black to create the image. The technique is straightforward, relying on the stark contrast of the dark outline and the lighter interior pixels to form the distinctive skull and crossbones symbol. The simplicity of the design and its association with the game’s PvP culture make it immediately recognizable to those familiar with the world of RuneScape.

Hand Pixelated skull tattoo

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This is yet another skull tattoo that symbolizes OSRS PKing, it’s almost like they’re all matching tattoos. Like too many other scapers who got a tattoo, this scaper was also criticized by strangers hiding behind their reddit usernames about his tattoo, especially the location of the tattoo which would presumably prevent them from getting a job. This tattoo owner witfully responded that they’re “training to be a vet, animals don’t judge tattoos or their positions”.

Arm pixelated skull tattoo

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This tattoo features the iconic PK skull from OSRS, placed boldly on the upper arm. The design is executed in a pixel-art style that mirrors the game’s retro graphics, using a series of black and gray blocks to form the skull and crossbones symbol. This style requires precision in aligning each pixel block to create a coherent and recognizable image. The tattoo’s placement on the upper arm makes it highly visible, symbolizing the wearer’s enthusiasm for PvP combat in OSRS. The use of grayscale adds a classic touch to the digital aesthetic, enhancing the tattoo’s visual impact.

Wild Pixelated skull tattoo

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This OSRS tattoo features the PK skull and the phrase “MEET ME IN THE WILD” on a banner. Styled in bold colors with a traditional tattoo aesthetic, it incorporates sharp outlines and shading for depth. The skull is pixelated, staying true to the game’s visual style, while the banner sports smooth gradients and clear script, adding a classic touch. Placed on the upper arm, a location that allows for detailed work, it’s a call to action for PvP combat, suggesting readiness for in-game challenges and a love for the thrill of the Wilderness.

Skull and Slayer tattoo

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On the forearm, a prime spot for showcasing tattoo art, you’ll find the OSRS icons for the Slayer and PK (Player Killer) skulls, inked in a pixel-art style. This design faithfully recreates the 8-bit aesthetic of the game, with meticulous placement of each pixel to form the two distinctive symbols. The Slayer helmet is detailed in shades of brown and gold, while the PK skull is rendered in black and white, offering a stark contrast. Both icons are outlined in black to make them stand out, symbolizing the player’s dedication to both slaying monsters and braving the dangers of player combat.

Ice barrage tattoo

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In a style true to OSRS’s graphics, this tattoo captures the Ice Barrage spell icon in a pixel-art design. Placed on the wrist, a spot that allows for daily visibility, the tattoo uses shades of blue to create the icy look that the spell is known for. Each pixel is carefully inked to form the geometric pattern that players recognize as one of the game’s most powerful spells. The placement on the wrist is not only practical for the design’s size but also signifies the spell’s quick accessibility, much like a magician ready to cast at a moment’s notice.

Leg Ice barrage tattoo

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This tattoo is a representation of the Ice Barrage spell from the Ancient Magicks spellbook in OSRS, depicted in pixel-art style. Placed on the ankle, a location that provides an intimate canvas for the design, the tattoo features a collection of pixels in shades of blue and black to form the spell’s distinctive icon. The style emulates the game’s 8-bit graphics, creating a nostalgic appeal. The technique requires precision in the placement of each ‘pixel’ block to accurately portray the spell icon’s appearance. Its position on the ankle signifies a subtle nod to a powerful spell known for its use in player combat.

Granite maul tattoo

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This tattoo showcases two crossed, granite mauls from OSRS, rendered in a bold, linework style. The design is characterized by its strong, clean lines and solid black fills, giving it an impactful and straightforward appearance. Situated on the calf, the tattoo makes an assertive statement, utilizing the broad surface area for a clear and unobstructed display. The choice of such a simple yet strong symbol from the game, associated with combat and strength, resonates with the PK (player killing) aspect of OSRS, symbolizing the player’s battle readiness and prowess.

Blood barrage tattoo

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This is a pixel-art style tattoo of the Blood Barrage spell from OSRS, an advanced spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook. The tattoo, placed on the shoulder, shows the spell’s icon using a pixelated design, which is faithful to the game’s graphical interface. The use of stark black outlines and the traditional red tones found in the spell’s in-game icon creates a striking visual that’s instantly recognizable to players familiar with the spell. The pixel-grid arrangement, shading, and the iconic color scheme are applied with precision, reflecting the spell’s potency and the player’s affinity for the magic and strategy it represents.

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