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The challenge of overcoming failure is something that transcends both the digital realms like Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and the complex realities of our everyday lives. Failure is an intrinsic part of the human experience, so it’s pretty much inevitable when looking at the larger picture. In both realms, failure is not just an endpoint but often a stepping stone towards growth, mastery, and eventual success. The ability to overcome failure is not merely a skill; it’s a crucial life competency that can determine our overall satisfaction, achievements, and well-being.

Understanding how to confront and transcend failure is vital because it shapes our resilience, empowers us to pursue higher goals, and enriches our life experiences. In gaming, it enhances enjoyment and fosters a sense of accomplishment. In real life, it can lead to personal and professional growth, opening doors to opportunities we might never have thought possible.

With the recent release of Desert Treasure 2, I got to experience failure a lot! But a lot… Most of the bosses were really hard for an afker like myself, but after 5 long days of attempts whenever I had time, I finally managed to complete the quest. All of my failed attempts, especially with the Whisperer, but also a recent discussion about failure made me realise that applying OSRS strategies IRL can make the difference between success and failure.

Broadly speaking there are three main strategies any OSRS player will apply without blinking: heading right back in the content for more practice, levelling up more or upgrading gear before attempting again, or taking a break from that piece of content they keep failing at. What if we apply the same strategies IRL and how do they make sense?  

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More Practice

Any OSRS players, regardless of being new or a vet, will, at times, find themselves failing at various tasks. The only difference between a noob and a pro is the tasks they’re failing at, but failure is inevitable for either category. Whether it’s getting killed over and over again by the Whisperer or using protect from Magic against the Kraken, failure can be disheartening. But in the world of OSRS, practice turns these failures into stepping stones. Even though it can temporarily be seen as a waste of time, repeating the same failed content will allow you to learn the mechanics of the repective fight and give you thicker stone as you won’t panic anymore when faced with the same situation since it’s familiar.

In real life, practice is similarly integral to overcoming failure. Be it in academics, athletics, or arts, the early stages are filled with missteps and mistakes. However, those who persist, learn from their failures, and continue practicing often achieve mastery. It may take time, energy, and patience, but the outcomes are worth the investment.

The analogy here is clear: practice makes perfect, whether you are an adventurer in OSRS or if you’re trying to master any skill IRL. Both require dedication, time, and perseverance, turning failures into opportunities for growth.

More Levelling or better gear

In OSRS, both levelling up and upgrading gear are integral to a player’s progression. As players increase their skills, they unlock new abilities that enhance their performance in combat and other aspects of the game. Equally significant is upgrading gear, as it allows players to tackle more robust challenges and quests. Both levelling and upgrading gear can turn previous failures into learning opportunities, paving the way to success. My recent example is with Vardorvis, where my Abyssal tentacle was just not enough… I upgraded to the Fang and after some more failed attempts I managed to kill him… and after finally killing him, I realised that I forgot to switch the attack style of the Fang to slash… I guess I just needed more practice in that case, but having the upgraded gear gave me the motivation to try and try and try.

In real life, levelling equates to personal and professional growth through continuous learning, gaining experience, and skill enhancement. Upgrading gear parallels investing in the right tools, technology, or education that can help an individual overcome obstacles and reach new heights. Failure to level up or upgrade one’s ‘gear’ in life might lead to stagnation or repeated failure, while investment in these areas often leads to breakthroughs and success.

The synergy between levelling and upgrading gear in OSRS mirrors the real-world need for personal development and utilizing the best tools for the job. The parallels teach us that both growth (levelling) and investment in the right resources (upgrading gear) are vital components in overcoming failure. However, the most difficult part might be figuring out what gear you need. It highlights how preparation, continuous improvement, and the right ‘equipment’ can make the difference between stagnation and success, whether in a virtual battle or a real-world challenge. The lessons drawn from these strategies demonstrate the importance of holistic development and resourcefulness, reflecting universal principles that apply to both gaming and real-life pursuits.

Not Giving Up

The world of OSRS is filled with challenges that can be both frustrating and demoralizing. However, players who persevere, learn from their failures eventually, and continue to strive toward their goals often achieve remarkable success.

The principle of not giving up resonates even more profoundly in real life. Whether faced with a failed business venture, a difficult personal situation, or a daunting professional challenge, persistence, resilience, and unwavering determination often turn failure into success.

The connection between perseverance in OSRS and real life illustrates a universal truth about resilience. It teaches us that no matter how many times we fail, the courage to continue can lead to success.

Taking a Break

In the immersive world of OSRS, players can often find themselves engrossed in complex quests, grinding, and levelling. The pursuit of goals can sometimes lead to burnout and a lack of progress. Recognizing the need to take a break and step away from the game can rejuvenate a player’s focus, creativity, and enthusiasm, leading to a more effective and enjoyable gaming experience upon return.

Similarly, in real life, continuous hard work without breaks can lead to exhaustion, stress, and diminishing returns. Knowing when to take a pause, whether from work, studies, or other pursuits, is essential in maintaining mental and physical well-being. Taking a break allows for reflection, relaxation, and recharging, enhancing overall productivity and fulfilment.

The strategy of taking a break in both OSRS and real life emphasizes the importance of balance, self-awareness, and self-care. Whether in a virtual quest or a real-life career, understanding the need for rest and recuperation is vital for sustained success and enjoyment. The ability to recognize the signs of fatigue and act accordingly transcends both worlds, teaching us that taking a break is not a sign of weakness but a conscious and wise decision to ensure long-term success and well-being. This shared wisdom emphasizes the value of mindfulness and illustrates how a seemingly simple strategy can profoundly impact our experiences, whether in a game or in life.

Other Strategies

Other strategies, such as collaboration with other players and adaptability in tactics, can greatly contribute to overcoming failure in OSRS. Joining clans, cooperating with other players, and being flexible in strategy often lead to success.

Similarly, in real life, networking, seeking mentorship, and being adaptable in our approaches are valuable strategies. Building a support network, learning from others, and having the ability to pivot when necessary are critical skills in overcoming failures.

These strategies, employed in both OSRS and real life, further showcase the underlying similarities between overcoming failure in a virtual environment and in the complex realities of life.

Final thoughts

The parallels between overcoming failure in OSRS and real life reveal profound lessons about human resilience, growth, and the pursuit of success. By examining more practice, levelling up, not giving up, and other strategies, we uncover a shared wisdom that transcends both domains. These insights are not merely about playing a game or navigating life’s challenges; they’re about a universal journey towards mastery, fulfilment, and success that we all share. Whether in the virtual worlds or the tangible realities of life, the strategies to overcome failure are remarkably similar, offering guidance and inspiration for all who seek to grow and succeed.

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