OSRS vs IRL: The importance of mentors

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Mentor is a rather fancy word to describe someone we look up to and learn from. And since life and Old School RuneScape involve a huge amount of learning, we all need loads of mentors to help us learn certain aspects faster than we’d do it without them because time is a really limited resource.

Since I’m coming from an academic background, I always feel the need to define the terms before I begin speaking about something and that’s to make sure we’re all on the same page about what mentors are. Not to discredit anyone here, because I know there are people who do make a living out of mentorship, but when I say mentor, I refer to anyone that has something of value to teach you.

And, of course, the needs and wants you have at any given moment could make anything either invaluable or worthless, and that’s probably reason number 1 why you’ll need different mentors at different times… Unless you find a jack of all trades who’s gonna prove valuable in a very wide area of expertise.  

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Time efficiency

When you learn from a mentor rather than spending the time to go through the trial and error of whatever what you’re trying to learn, you’ll be more efficient with your time. Like why spend 10 hours to learn something when you can learn that same thing in only one hour with the help of a mentor?

Some time ago I was writing about skills that you build while playing Old School RuneScape which you can easily transfer and apply IRL. Recognizing the importance of mentors on your gameplay is just one of those things and it greatly applies IRL. And it’s much easier to see. Think how many times you’ve figured out content on your own and how often you’ve learnt from someone else and how much more time consuming it was figuring everything out on your own?

I remember when Tombs of Amascut was released in August 2022 and I spent one full hour trying to figure out the mirror puzzle room and then I just gave up and waited for the wiki to be updated and guides to be released. This was because I realised I needed a mentor for that. And this is often the case IRL when we face something we haven’t faced before and figuring it out on our own would be much much harder than just learning it from someone else.

Preventing Danger

Sometimes it’s even dangerous and not only a time waste. Think about being a beginner in the gym. You got all these devices and no clue as how to really use them correctly and you could even injure yourself if you do something the wrong way… It’s much easier when you have a trainer or a more experienced gym buddy to teach you. Similarly, you could literally die in the depths of the Wilderness if you don’t know much about it. Many times we do learn better when we learn from someone else. Simply because they have been through those exact hardships of learning situations themselves.

Mentors in Old School RuneScape (OSRS):

To sum it all up, in OSRS, experienced players often take on the role of mentors to guide and assist newer players and facilitate their growth, one way or another.

Knowledge and Guidance

Mentors possess valuable knowledge and experience about the game mechanics, quests, skilling techniques, and various activities in OSRS. They can guide newcomers through the complexities of the game, help them set goals, and provide tips and strategies to improve their gameplay.

Community Building

Mentors foster a sense of community within the game. They create a supportive and inclusive environment where players can ask questions, seek advice, and socialize. This helps in building friendships and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Skill Development

Mentors can teach new players essential skills, such as combat techniques, money-making methods, and efficient leveling strategies. They may also provide hands-on training, accompany players on quests, or offer resources to help them progress faster.

Motivation and Inspiration

Having a mentor can boost motivation and inspire players to set and achieve their goals. Mentors often share their own achievements and success stories, encouraging others to strive for similar accomplishments.

Avoiding Mistakes

Mentors can help new players avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. They can warn against scams, guide them away from dangerous areas, and provide insights on how to make informed decisions in the game.

Mentors in Real Life (IRL):

Mentors in real life serve a similar purpose to those in OSRS but operate within different contexts.

Career Guidance

In the professional world, mentors can provide guidance, advice, and support to individuals seeking career advancement. They can share their expertise, help navigate challenges, and provide insights into specific industries or job roles.

Personal Development

Mentors can help individuals develop important life skills, set goals, and make better decisions. They offer valuable perspectives, share experiences, and provide constructive feedback to foster personal growth.

Networking Opportunities

Mentors often have extensive networks within their respective fields. They can introduce their mentees to relevant contacts, increasing opportunities for professional connections, job prospects, and collaboration.

Emotional Support

Mentors can serve as trusted confidants, providing emotional support and encouragement during challenging times. They offer a listening ear, empathy, and guidance to help individuals overcome obstacles and build resilience.

Role Models and Inspiration

Mentors can inspire their mentees by embodying success, professionalism, and integrity. They can serve as role models, demonstrating the possibilities and potential for growth in various areas of life.

Whether in OSRS or real life, mentors play a vital role in fostering growth, imparting knowledge, and providing guidance. Their impact can be transformative, empowering individuals to achieve their goals, and navigate their respective journeys with greater confidence.

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