Quick load guide: Get OSRS’ Skull Sceptre

Old School RuneScape character wielding the Skull Sceptre inside the Stronghold of Security, maenmiu logo

OSRS, or Old School RuneScape, is an amazing, grindy, highly addictive, and complex MMO by Jagex. You can play as a F2P player or as a member (P2P). Even though the F2P players don’t have access to all of the items, the Skull Sceptre is available to everyone. Here’s how to get a Skull Sceptre in OSRS.

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Why Get the Skull Sceptre

For both F2P and members there are plenty of reasons to get the Skull Sceptre.

The Skull Sceptre is an untradeable teleportation item that will rightfully fill a slot in your bank from early game to end game. It is fairly easy to obtain and has no requirements to wield.

Old School RuneScape character sanding at the entrance of the Stronghold of Security, maenmiu logo


It teleports you right next to the entrance of the Stronghold of Security, in the middle of the Barbarian Village, which is useful in itself because of the slayer monsters. For F2P players the Skull Sceptre is one of the closest teleports to the Grand Exchange.

Even more, if you’re in need of a pottery wheel or spinning wheel, the Skull Sceptre will take you close to both.

Old School RuneScape map expanded with character pointer at the Barbarian village, maenmiu logo


The Skull Sceptre teleport is the closest to some clue scroll steps, hence the end game value, and this makes it great for members. It’s also one of the closest teleports to Nulodion, the NPC you need to speak to whenever you’re so unfortunate as to lose your cannon.

And when Konar asks you to serve the balance by killing 50 ankou in the Stronghold of Security, you can definitely count on the Skull Sceptre to take you as close as possible!

Old School RuneScape character talking to Nulodion, maenmiu logo

Where to Obtain the Skull Sceptre Parts

You’ll need to go to four different locations to collect the four pieces that create the Skull Sceptre when combined:

  • right skull half
  • left skull half
  • bottom of sceptre
  • top of sceptre

Each of them can be obtained on a different level of the Stronghold of Security at a rate of 1 in 33.

OSRS map expanded with the levels of the Stronghold of Security, maenmiu logo

On the first level, you’ll get the right skull half from minotaurs. Combine it with the left skull half dropped by the ankou on the fourth level.  On the second and third floors the flesh crawlers and the catablepon drop the bottom and top of sceptre, which combined make the runed sceptre. Use it on the skull to create the Skull Sceptre.

And voila! This is how to get the Skull Sceptre in OSRS!

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