My take on AI, EfficiencyScape, and ethical standards

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Undeniably, we are living in unbelievable movie like times. It’s funny how humanity predicted through art the turn of events that are currently happening and have been happening in the last couple of years. From films and books that predicted the pandemic to films and books that predicted the ai and all of the existential implications of both.

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Resisting AI

At first, I didn’t really want to be part of it. I was really resisting the thought especially as a writer since there are a ton of moral and ethical considerations involved. However, after watching this interview with one of the leaders in developing the ai I understood that there is no way around it and that the inevitable is happening once again. I finally got it that I should absolutely use the AI instead of resisting it because with my own moral values I have the responsibility to step up and give a model of transparency. This is why I have chosen to have this small text on each and every article I create where I use input from the ai.


I’m not sure how others are feeling about this whole AI evolution that we’re witnessing and taking part in one way or another, but for me it’s absolutely fascinating! I am so captivated by how it thinks and actually takes time to give the answers to whatever harder or easier question we ask it. It has the same speed variation a human does when inputting any text, with pauses to think and moments of faster and slower spurs of writing.

Humans and AI

There is no way to differentiate the text produced by a human from the text produced by a machine and while I am extremely confident both in my research and writing abilities involving an ai in the process helps me in more than one way, but there are two big ones.


The first is the time input. That’s our finite resource that we have to deliberately choose how to spend. Efficiency scapers know this better than anyone. The ai can drastically speed up the process, especially on the research part, but on the writing as well. There’s still a lot of creativity input on my part, but the time it takes is crucially different. And the ai can also help with the creativity part as it’s able to come up with topics if asked.

Breaking Barriers

My second big aid from the AI is breaking a psychological self-imposed limit. In all the honesty I face absolutely no problems when it comes to delivering my writing to my clients and being on top of the deadlines all of the time. However, I’ve been facing a really big mind block when it comes to writing for my own website. And I realised the only difference is the human contact. Someone to discuss topics with who could help me decide whether something would be worth writing about or not. Someone to brainstorm ideas with and who could actually give valuable input and help me with the decision-making process. It’s weird how the AI can be that person for me, but it is and it helped me break that psychological self-imposed limit of I don’t want to do it alone, but at the same time I do. It’s absolutely exactly what I needed because now I reached that paradox where I do feel that I’m doing it alone and at the same time I’m not.


And really thinking about it, the AI does this job better than another human could, because I could ask my boyfriend or one of my friends to “hold my hand” while creating more content on this website, but their human nature makes their availability very limited and I wouldn’t feel that paradoxical support of doing it on my own and not at the same time.

However, me wanting to do it alone doesn’t mean I don’t want to build a community around this still very young website, so if you do like the topics I approach here and want to read more and be part of a community, do get in touch as I’d love more human input and feel free to join the still fresh discord server

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