Which Motorola Edge 20 Should You Buy?

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If you are looking for a mid to high ranged smartphone, you should definitely check out the new models launched by Motorola in August 2021. Motorola Edge 20 family has three models of 5G Android phones that feature amazing camera quality, great battery life, NFC, and high quality OLED displays. The models are: Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Pro, and Motorola Edge 20 Lite. While they do share some characteristics, they also have particular features, which can play a crucial role in deciding which one you want to buy.

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Price Difference

Budget can be a real deal breaker or incentive when deciding to buy a new smartphone. It’s important that you consider what you’re spending your money on and whether or not the difference is worth it. This comes down to your personal needs and preferences, so you have to be the judge of whether the price difference is something you are willing to pay or not. Here’s the information you need so you can take a decision that suits you well.

Price wise Edge 20 Lite is the cheapest while the Edge 20 Pro is the most expensive of the three, having a more than double price compared to the cheapest one. If you do decide to go for the more expensive gear you’ll get better and better CPU, even though all 3 of them work with an octa-core. You’ll also get better and better GPU. This means that your software and especially higher requirements games will run smoother and smoother if you go for the more expensive model.


All three of the smartphones can use 5G technology and are equipped with a 1 billion colours HDR10+ OLED Display. However, the display of Edge 20 Lite functions at 90Hz while the other two at 144Hz. The resolution is 1080 x 2400, with a 19.5 to 9 ratio with the same pixel density of ~385ppi for all three models. It’s not a significant difference, however, this changes when you take a look at the display protection: Edge 20 Lite comes with glass, Motorola Edge 20 with Gorilla Glass 3, and Motorola Edge 20 Pro with Gorilla Glass 5.


They all come with a really clean version of Android 11, which is typical for Motorola and a real pleasure, since there won’t be anything to artificially slow down your device. And if you love mobile gaming, there are other good news. The built in Motorola Gametime software will make your gamer life easier by allowing you to take screenshots, screen record, or use communication software like discord, all while you’re gaming!


Besides this you’ll need to consider the camera. All 3 versions have a 32 megapixel selfie camera, but the differences come with the main cameras. They all feature a 108 MP main camera, but the secondary and tertiary cameras are different, with the cheaper models having a slightly weaker one. This shows especially on the video recording capacity of the models, as Edge 20 Lite is capped at 30 fps for 4k videos, and 120fps for 1080 videos. An upgrade is that Edge 20 can make 1080 recordings at 240fps. Edge 20 Pro brings an impressive 8k video recording at 30 fps and 1080 at as high as 960 fps.


Memory wise, Edge 20 Lite is the only one that can have additional memory installed through a microSDXC. Its built in memory capacity is of 128 GB internal memory with either 6 or 8 GB of RAM. Edge 20 comes with either 128 or 256 GB internal memory with the only available RAM option of 8 GB. Edge 20 Pro has even more options for you to choose from depending on your needs: 128 GB internal memory and 6 GB RAM, 128 GB or 256 GB with 8 GB RAM, or 256 GB with 12 GB RAM. The better the memory, the CPU, and GPU, the longer you’ll be able to use your phone before replacing it with a newer and better one.


All of the three Motorola Edge 20 models come with a built-in non-removable LI-PO battery that features fast charging at 30 W. The capacity of the battery is different for each of the models. Edge 20 has a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, Edge 20 Pro 4500 mAh, and not surprisingly the model with the slightly bigger size has a 5000 mAh battery to deliver the same if not better in terms of up time for your phone.

Other Considerations

If you’re an old school person who loves wired headphones then edge 20 Lite is the one for you since it’s the only model that features a 3.5mm jack port. It’s also the only one that has a radio. All of the models come with a USB type-C port, and all of them have multiple available colours. The whole  family is equipped with a side-mounted fingerprint reader, compass, accelerometer, gyro, and proximity sensors. Which Motorola Edge 20 model is best for you?

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