AI reflections in League of Legends

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League of Legends (LoL), a captivating multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games, has etched an enduring mark on the online gaming world. The game offers an extensive roster of champions, each with their unique abilities, stories, and skins. A fascinating trend, however, emerges when analysing some of these champions. Orianna, Blitzcrank, and Viktor, for instance, embody artificial intelligence’s (AI) concepts. These champions, each with varying facets of AI, can be perceived as a subtle forecast of AI’s future, painting a vivid picture of what the world could soon be.

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Orianna, “The Lady of Clockwork,” is a champion who operates entirely based on AI. In the game’s lore, she was initially a human girl, albeit in a fatal accident that led to her being rebuilt as a machine by her father, an inventor. Her transformative story parallels the real-world progression of AI. As our technological landscape evolves, AI increasingly resembles and sometimes outperforms human capability, mimicking the shift from the human Orianna to her mechanical counterpart. Orianna’s Dark Star skin amplifies this message, depicting her as a celestial entity, highlighting AI’s potential to exceed terrestrial boundaries and reshape the universe as we know it.


Blitzcrank, “The Great Steam Golem,” presents another intriguing perspective on AI. He is a self-aware, autonomous being created to help with the dangerous tasks in the city of Zaun. Blitzcrank’s existence highlights the aspirations of contemporary AI researchers: creating self-aware machines capable of operating independently and making informed decisions. His iBlitzcrank skin, with its sleek, modern design, hints at the seamless integration of AI into everyday life, reminiscent of our smartphones and other contemporary devices.


Viktor, “The Machine Herald,” represents a more complex depiction of AI. Viktor voluntarily replaced parts of his body with mechanical devices, highlighting transhumanism—a concept wherein humans merge with machines to overcome biological limitations. His Full Machine Viktor skin, where he becomes entirely robotic, could be seen as an extreme version of this, suggesting a future where the boundary between man and machine becomes indistinct.

Other champs

Beyond these champions, many other characters in LoL incorporate elements of AI, each adding to the game’s layered prediction. For example, Jayce’s skin Full Metal Jayce, shows him equipped with a technologically advanced hammer, implying a future where AI is integrated into our weaponry. Then there is Camille, whose lore involves her body being modified with hextech augmentations, once again hinting at the blending of humanity and technology.

The rise of AI is not just reflected in the champions themselves but also in the game’s mechanics. The sophisticated algorithms behind LoL’s minions and jungle monsters exhibit elements of AI, predicting an era where AI will dominate the gaming world and beyond.

These champions and their various skins offer a creative and immersive way to speculate about AI’s future. However, it’s essential to consider that while they offer a fascinating prediction, they also carry a cautionary tale. These characters often grapple with their identities, fight monstrous beings, or, in Viktor’s case, lose their humanity. Therefore, while the advancement of AI promises untold possibilities, it also brings forth ethical dilemmas and potential threats we must address.


In conclusion, the nexus between AI and the champions in League of Legends is a captivating journey into the realm of possibilities. These champions serve as reflections of what AI could become, highlighting both the potential benefits and the inherent risks. As we delve deeper into the AI revolution, League of Legends offers a stimulating arena for envisioning our future alongside artificial intelligence.

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