Albion Online’s mail tax – the ultimate silver sink

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The Bittersweet Symphony of SBI’s 50 Silver Mail Tax in Albion Online and its Mischievous Counterparts in MMOs

In the enchanting universe of Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMOs), you would expect to be free from the mundane realities of real-life taxes. However, the geniuses at Sandbox Interactive (SBI) decided to infuse a piece of our real-world bureaucracy into the fantasy realm of Albion Online by implementing a peculiar 50 silver mail tax. The sensation it brings is akin to stubbing your toe on a virtual coffee table – mildly infuriating, yet unexpectedly adding to the game’s overall charm.

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Silver sink

The question then arises, why would SBI voluntarily unleash such a ‘nuisance tax’ on its players? Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderfully convoluted concept of ‘silver sinks.’ Imagine the in-game economy as a gigantic bathtub, where currency is both introduced (‘faucets’) and taken away (‘sinks’). Should the faucet run too freely without a corresponding sink, we’d soon be knee-deep in water, or in this case, crippling inflation. SBI’s elegant, albeit slightly vexing, solution is the 50 silver mail tax, a small but persistent drain that keeps the economic ‘bathwater’ at just the right level.

Given the pervasive use of the mail system in the game, it’s safe to assume that the cumulative silver removed via this tax could be substantial over time. Remember, each and every mail sent is taxed, so even though 50 silver might seem insignificant per transaction, the aggregate impact on the game’s economy is likely considerable. However, SBI has not given any statistics on how much silver has been removed with this particular tax.


While over the 6 years since launch and more since alpha and beta SBI modified other taxes, such as the market tax, or the sell order tax, and even radical changes to the black market, resources, and how territories work, they have not touched this small and almost invisible tax. The consistency of the 50 silver mail tax in Albion Online since its inception could be attributed to its effectiveness and balance. In any economy, changing tax rates can lead to unpredictable and potentially destabilizing effects. Tell that to your GM if they have the habit of running the guild taxes on 100 percent whenever there’s a ZvZ happening.

In Albion Online, the mail tax serves as a simple, reliable, and efficient mechanism to control the flow of silver. It’s a small enough sum to not overly burden any player, yet across the game’s large player base and the vast number of transactions, it becomes a significant silver sink. The developers at Sandbox Interactive likely found that this 50 silver charge strikes the perfect balance – it’s effective enough to regulate the game’s economy without disrupting the player experience. By maintaining this constant, SBI has been able to provide a stable and predictable economic environment within Albion Online, which is critical for both gameplay and player satisfaction.

Spam deterrent

Now, while this mail tax might seem like an inconsequential irksome gnat buzzing around your epic fantasy adventure, it also moonlights as an unsung hero – the knight in shining armor defending against spam. By sticking a 50 silver price tag onto every piece of mail, SBI discourages the flood of unnecessary messages, thereby maintaining the sanctity of your inbox while simultaneously fostering a healthier economy.

So while your initial reaction to these mildly infuriating fees might be one of irritation, there’s a layer of silver lining (pun intended) to these seemingly petty charges. These mechanics add a certain je ne sais quoi to the gameplay experience. They serve as a reminder that these virtual worlds are not merely a stage for mindless hack-and-slash escapades; they’re sophisticated ecosystems that mirror real-world economies in their depth and complexity.

Economic balance

In fact, next time you’re grudgingly parting with that 50 silver for a mail in Albion Online, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re not just sending a mail – you’re playing a crucial role in preserving the economic balance of a world that thrives on player interactions. The 50 silver mail tax, as annoying as it may be, is your contribution to keeping that world alive, vibrant, and engaging. Now, if that isn’t heroism, I don’t know what is!

The ultimate silver sink

On the topic of silver sinks in Albion Online, the argument for the 50 silver mail tax’s place at the top might be less than intuitive, but it’s a compelling one when you consider its key attributes: omnipresence, recurrence, and unavoidability.


Omnipresence refers to the fact that the 50 silver mail tax is virtually everywhere. From the new player learning the ropes of the game to the experienced guild master managing an empire, mail is a constant in Albion Online. Be it for sharing information, coordinating attacks, or negotiating trades, this means of communication is universal, resulting in everyone contributing to the tax. Other silver sinks may draw from a smaller pool of players, making the ubiquitous mail tax a more persistent drain on the game’s economy.


The second aspect, recurrence, adds to the mail tax’s charm as an efficient silver sink. This tax is not a one-time event like purchasing an item or a property, but a frequent charge that players continually encounter. Its recurrent nature ensures a steady flow of silver out of the economy, helping to combat potential inflation from unchecked silver faucets. Even though 50 silver might seem minuscule in the short term, the cumulative effect over countless transactions by numerous players becomes a substantial silver drain.


Finally, the unavoidability of the mail tax sets it apart. Many silver sinks in Albion Online are optional or can be circumvented. For instance, players can opt to walk instead of paying for fast travel, or they can hold off on repairing equipment to save silver. However, the use of the mail system is so deeply ingrained in the game’s mechanics and social interactions that avoiding it would significantly hinder the gameplay. Therefore, the 50 silver mail tax becomes an inescapable silver sink that consistently reduces the overall silver in circulation.

Final thoughts

While it might not be the most apparent or the largest of the silver sinks, the 50 silver mail tax is arguably the ultimate silver sink in Albion Online. Its omnipresence, recurrence, and unavoidability ensure a consistent and widespread outflow of silver from the game’s economy. Thus, even though it might be a source of mild annoyance to players, it’s crucial to appreciate the vital role it plays in maintaining a stable and healthy in-game economy. The 50 silver mail tax is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most effective measures are the ones that operate subtly in the background, one small step – or silver – at a time.

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