Arthurian Knights and Dragon Age’s Grey Wardens

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The chivalric code forms the bedrock for numerous heroic orders that have withstood the test of time. This article shines a light on two such orders – the legendary Arthurian Knights and the Grey Wardens from the acclaimed video game franchise, Dragon Age, with a specific focus on Dragon Age: Origins.

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The Ethos of Chivalry

Famed for their valor, the Arthurian Knights are seen as the epitome of chivalry in medieval literature. Similarly, the Grey Wardens, known for their dauntless resolve to combat the Blight, embody the same chivalric principles in the realm of fantasy gaming.

Uniting Under Singular Causes: Arthur’s Sword and The Joining

The Arthurian Knights and the Grey Wardens are unified under singular causes, the former by King Arthur’s divine selection, and the latter by a perilous initiation rite – The Joining, drawing striking parallels between the two orders.

Leadership in Legends: King Arthur and The Warden-Commander

King Arthur and the Warden-Commander, the respective leaders of the two orders, despite their differing narrative approaches, symbolize hope and resilience, leading their orders in their ceaseless battle against evil.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a common theme shared by the two orders. Arthurian Knights sacrificed their lives in their quest for the Holy Grail, much like the Grey Wardens willingly accepting a shortened lifespan to ensure the world’s safety from the Darkspawn.

Mentorship in Orders

Merlin, the wizard and advisor in Arthurian legend, guided the knights, while Duncan in Dragon Age: Origins serves a similar role, mentoring the newly joined Wardens, illustrating another remarkable similarity.

Beacons of Hope

Finally, the Arthurian Knights and the Grey Wardens serve as symbols of hope in their respective narratives. The Arthurian Knights’ quest for the Holy Grail represents the victory of light over darkness, while the Grey Wardens’ relentless fight against the Blight signals hope for the inhabitants of Thedas.


In essence, the Arthurian Knights and the Grey Wardens of Dragon Age: Origins share a profound connection through their embodiment of the chivalric code. They encapsulate our enduring fascination with heroic narratives, inspiring us to embody virtues, uphold justice, and, if necessary, make the ultimate sacrifice. Through the Grey Wardens, the spirit of the Arthurian Knights lives on, reflecting the timeless appeal of the chivalric order.

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