Easter Eggs in Old School RuneScape

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In the vast and enthralling universe of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), secrets abound. Among these are the elusive Easter eggs: hidden references, inside jokes, and witticisms inserted by developers for the delight of players and for the amazing feeling you get when you recognize something apparently unrelated, or even more, when you read articles like this and you realize it was in front of you all along and you get that Eureka! moment…

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Bob the Cat’s

Bob the Cat is a reference to the British Comic Strip called “Bob the Cat”. Besides this, he is a constant source of amusement. Wearing the Amulet of Catspeak allows you to engage in humorous and often insightful dialogues with Bob, a fan-favorite character. Conversations with Bob often contain references to pop culture or tongue-in-cheek humor, making him a favorite among players.

After the “Dragon Slayer II” quest, if you’ve finished “A Tail of Two Cats” and talk to Unferth, he’ll mention that he doesn’t know if Bob is dead or alive. This conversation is a clear nod to the famous quantum mechanics thought experiment known as “Schrodinger’s Cat”.

Wise Old Man

The Wise Old Man is a trove of Easter eggs. His peculiar requests for items, such as a ‘perfect’ gold ring and a ‘perfect’ gold necklace – clear nods to “The Lord of the Rings” – demonstrate the developers’ love for pop culture references.

The Wise Old Man’s most notorious act was the Draynor Bank Robbery, where he, single-handedly, robbed the bank and killed several guards, including the formidable level 141 guard, ‘Bank Guard.’ You can view this act by asking the nearby Miss Schism.

Romeo & Juliet Quest

This quest is a hilarious reinterpretation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”. The storyline loosely follows the original play, with Romeo and Juliet as NPCs in Varrock. However, the OSRS developers twisted the plot, incorporating hilarious dialogue and comedic events, such as mistakenly delivering a message to the wrong person, creating an entertaining quest experience that ends far differently from the tragic conclusion of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

The popularity of the quest also gave birth to this funny meme that challenges the origin of Romeo and Juliet in a very funny way, while also pointing out at how massively well know Old School RuneScape is.

Monty Python References

Monty Python is a legendary British comedy troupe known for their absurdist humor. OSRS has various nods to their sketches and films. One notable example is the “Holy Grail” quest, which involves King Arthur and references “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Some dialogues in this quest are direct quotes from the film, such as the debate about the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

Zombie dance

During the 2007 Hallowe’en event, players could obtain an emote that causes their characters to perform a dance resembling Michael Jackson’s iconic routine from the “Thriller” music video. This spooky dance has remained a player favorite, especially during in-game celebrations and Hallowe’en events and you can now unlock it by completing the gravedigger random event. The image for this emote is also resembling the Billie Jean move.

Druid’s Circle and Stonehenge

The Druid’s Circle in Taverley closely resembles the real-world Stonehenge. It’s a stone monument where druids gather, reflecting the mystical and historical connections to druidism, much like Stonehenge’s ties to ancient Celtic traditions. If you’re interested in a deeper dive on this, check this article.

Ring of Stone

This is a very interesting once since most players don’t even know this item exists. The ring of stone is an item that, when worn, transforms you into an inert stone. You can obtain it from enchanting an onyx ring. The Ring of Stone is reminiscent of the myth of Medusa from Greek mythology, a monstrous creature with the ability to turn people into stone with a mere glance. This intriguing game mechanic offers players a unique way to blend in with their environment or playfully confuse other players.

The Sandwich Lady

The Sandwich Lady is an NPC that randomly appears to offer players a selection of baked goods. Her character is inspired by a real woman who sold sandwiches near Jagex’s office in Cambridge, UK. This quirky piece of trivia adds to the depth of the game’s background and its developers’ knack for integrating their real-life experiences into the game world.

Draynor Manor

Draynor Manor, with its multitude of puzzles, draws inspiration from the survival horror game “Resident Evil”. For example, players encounter puzzles involving a certain chemical and a water fountain, mirroring similar tasks in the Resident Evil series. This creative twist adds a touch of eerie adventure to the exploration of this haunted manor.

Abyssal Whip Sound

The sound effect of an Abyssal whip in combat is notably similar to the iconic sound of lightsabers in the “Star Wars” franchise. This aural Easter egg adds an unexpected delight for players who are fans of both the Star Wars universe and OSRS.

Dragon Scimitar Design

The design of the Dragon Scimitar, a popular weapon among players, incorporates a monkey motif, reflecting the requirement of completing the Monkey Madness quest to wield the scimitar. This detail cleverly connects the item’s aesthetic to its usage requirements.

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