If Albion Online ganked you with AI players

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The realms of Albion Online, a popular MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, have always been a testament to player-driven economies, combat, and guild politics. However, the introduction of AI players with ganking capabilities could trigger a seismic shift in the game’s landscape. How would you feel knowing that whoever just ganked you was an AI?

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A Potential Silver Sink

The potential introduction of these formidable AI NPCs could catalyse an unprecedented silver sink in Albion Online’s economy. Traditionally, ganking is a risk-versus-reward mechanism embraced by real players who hunt down others, often inflicting substantial material losses. The replication of this activity by AI NPCs or AI players could increase the overall rate of ganking, thus raising the destruction of valuable in-game items, since when you die some of your items will break, get destroyed, or need repair, and you might even overcharge to fight the AI, increasing the chance of breaking items even more.

This means more items would need to be crafted, dropped, sold, and bought to replace the lost ones, creating a continuous drain or ‘sink’ for the in-game currency, silver. As silver leaves the economy, inflation could be better controlled, maintaining the value and importance of crafting and gathering activities, critical facets of Albion’s economic structure.\

Geographical Impact

The strategic placement of these AI NPCs or AI players could significantly alter the risk dynamics across various zones. High traffic zones, already a hotspot for player vs. player encounters, could see a spike in danger levels if populated with ganking AI NPCs. On the flip side, zones designated as relatively safer could become areas of refuge, encouraging new or risk-averse players to focus their activities there.

This change could make the game more unpredictable and exciting, with each zone offering a distinct experience. It would encourage players to strategize, gather intelligence, and cooperate with others to mitigate the risks and reap the rewards. SBI could even add some easy AI players to yellow zones, to familiarize the players with the potential of getting ganked, since not many players engage in PvP in those zones.

Game Balance

However, this new addition also raises serious concerns about the game’s balance and the reception from the player base. The key appeal of Albion Online is its player-driven nature. Introducing AI that could potentially outmaneuver and overpower players might lead to an uneven playing field. It may reduce the agency and impact that individual players have, turning a vibrant, player-driven world into an AI-dominated one.

Furthermore, the rise in player deaths and item loss might dishearten many, especially casual players who can’t invest a significant amount of time or money into the game. If not carefully balanced, this could lead to a decline in player base, which could negatively impact the game’s social dynamics and overall appeal.

Has It Already Happened?

Given the technological power demonstrated by Sandbox Interactive and the sophistication of AI technologies, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this change has already been subtly implemented. Some players report encounters with entities showcasing unusual, ‘non-player-like’ tactics, suggesting they might be AI players or bots. However, without official confirmation, this remains within the realm of speculation and urban legends within the game. Also, you must consider that it’s not only SBI who can introduce AI players to the game, but other players who for example want to farm silver or PvP fame that could take advantage of the technology and have AI players level up or get silver and fame for them. And I’m not sure if SBI’s anti-cheat could even detect them…

Final thoughts

The introduction of AI NPCs or AI players with ganking capabilities in Albion Online can be seen as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it presents a promising economic opportunity and adds a thrilling element of unpredictability to the game. On the other hand, it poses substantial risks to game balance and player satisfaction. As always, the key will be careful implementation and ongoing iteration based on player feedback. Whether this innovative change has already been clandestinely introduced or is a looming future possibility, the landscapes of Albion Online remain an intriguing field for exploration and adventure, so whenever you get ganked, who knows if it’s really another player or an AI player…

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