PvP Zones in Old School RuneScape: Singles, Single Plus, and Multi

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If you’re coming from any other game before you engage into the rhythmical PvP in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you should probably get familiar with the fact that there are three types of PvP zones in this game: Singles, Single plus, and multi.

This almost gave me a headache because it just seemed so complicated, as most stuff in OSRS does at first glance. But once you get the info behind, it will become pretty simple.

It is crucial to understand the zones because there is only a small visual cue in game that will tell you what zone you’re in and only while you’re in it. There’s no broad delineation in game to warn you and the different types of zones mean that you can get attacked by and attack one or multiple targets at the same time or within a small-time space. You sadly can’t just pop the minimap and check, unless you’re using RuneLite and install the Wilderness Lines plugin, which you definetly should if you’re going to adventure there.

And there’s a difference if you’ve done your training at LMS and you’re ready to 1v1 someone or you get specced by multiple players… and it all comes down to survivability.

And even if you’re not a PvPer, these single vs multi combat areas also affect the interaction with monsters and this will specifically affect whether you should use your dwarf multi cannon or, unless you’re on a Konar task, you’d be better off finding a different place to fight the same monsters.

When differentiating singles from multi it’s pretty straightforward: in singles you can attack and get attack by a single opponent (be it a monster or a player depending on where you are, and in multi you get to attack and be attacked by multiple players or monsters at the same time.  Single plus areas are places where if you’re in fight with a monster you can attack a player and a player can attack you.

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When you step into a singles zone, it’s a one-on-one showdown. Here, only one player can attack you at a time, providing a relatively straightforward PvP experience. If someone else wants to challenge you while you’re already engaged in combat, they’d have to wait their turn. In these areas, your primary concern is the opponent in front of you. It’s a test of skill, strategy, and sometimes, patience. Think of it as a classic duel, where only the better player (or perhaps the better-prepared one) emerges victorious. There’s no visual indication of single combat zones.


A good strategy in the Wilderness is to engage in combat with monsters if you’re in danger of facing an opponent you don’t want to face. This strategy is known as boxing and you can do it because of the PJ timer, which basically gives you a grace period to fight the opponent you’re already engaged with.

In single-way combat regions of the Wilderness, your PJ timer extends to approximately 12 seconds or 20 ticks. Much like in PvP worlds, once you lock onto a target, be it another player or an NPC, your combat cannot be interrupted. However, NPCs that attack players within PvP zones have a condensed PJ timer of about 5 seconds. Should you kill an NPC, you’ll become vulnerable to attacks instantly. Moreover, after successfully taking down an adversary, you are granted a 12-second buffer period. It’s also worth noting that trading within the Wilderness is off-limits if you’re engaged in combat or have recently been in one.


A singles-plus combat zone in RuneScape closely resembles a single-way combat area. However, a key difference is that if a player is battling a monster and another player intervenes, the player’s attack will take precedence over the monster’s. This means that you can get attacked even if you’re already engaged in combat with a monster.

Always be careful at the entrances of the Rev caves, where transitioning between the inside and outside of the cave can allow rapid switches in aggression, leading to unexpected ambushes. This unique blend of predictability and surprise requires you to be always on your toes, mastering not just your opponent but the environment as well.

Singles-plus zones are solely found in the Wilderness, designed primarily to enhance (PvP) combat. This mechanism was introduced to counteract the tactic of “boxing” in PvP. In this method, you’d inflict minimal or no damage on a monster as a strategy to evade battles with other players. While Jagex left most of the Wilderness unaltered, they implemented the single plus to force players to fight since they are in these Wilderness hotspots.

There are only a few single plus combat areas:

  • The Revenant Caves
  • Hunter’s End (Artio’s lair)
  • Skeletal Tomb (Calvar’ion’s lair)
  • Web Chasm (Spindel’s lair)

Whenever you are in one of these places you will be visually notified by this icon.


Now, this is where the real chaos ensues. In multi zones, multiple players can attack you simultaneously. That’s right: teams, clans, and groups can all converge on you at once, transforming the PvP experience into a frenzied melee. Your strategies need to be more intricate, and your reactions faster, as the dynamics are unpredictable and rapidly changing. Many adventurers tread with caution when entering these zones, as the potential for ambushes and large-scale battles is high. Teamwork and communication are critical if you’re looking to conquer these zones, as solo players are often at a significant disadvantage.

You can however use this to your advantage and get a team of players on your side to go PK with them in these areas. Similarly to the single plus areas you will get a visual notification upon entering the area. In the Wilderness there are plenti multi zones which are a nice play ground for PvP clans, and which you should be aware of in order to better avoid:

  • Abandoned Farm
  • Wilderness Bandit Camp
  • The Chaos Temple hut in the western Wilderness
  • Dark Warriors’ Fortress
  • Deadly red spiders
  • Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins
  • Demonic Ruins
  • Graveyard of Shadows
  • Lava Maze
  • Lava Dragon Isle
  • Rogues’ Castle
  • The Scorpion Pit
  • The southern part of the Wilderness Agility Course

You are probably aware of the multi combat icon from friendlier places such as the Catacombs of Kourend which is a non PvP multi area, but where multiple monsters can attack you at the same time, and where you get the same multi-combat zone icon.

Navigating Your Journey

As you delve into the world of Old School RuneScape’s PvP, always be aware of your surroundings. Each zone has its own set of challenges, and adapting to them is the key to survival. Equip yourself with the right gear, align with trusted allies, and always have an escape plan – especially in the treacherous terrains of multi zones. Remember, knowledge is power, and understanding the intricacies of each zone will not only boost your survival chances but also enhance your overall PvP experience. Happy battling! May your reflexes be swift, and your rewards plentiful.

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