Quick Load Guide: Guilds in Old School RuneScape

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Guilds in Old School RuneScape are places designed for a specific activity, often for specific skill, which you can only access after meeting a specific set of requirements. Unlike other games, the group of players where you socialize, participate in players’ organized events, or do very specific activities with other players and which you usually call home are called clans. To learn how to join a clan take a look at this article or join our server.

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General info

There are 14 guilds in OSRS and they vary greatly in functionality as well as requirements. Some are a must and provide exclusive content while others can be completely avoided and are thus far less popular choices.

Woodcutting guild

  • Unlock: 60 Woodcutting
  • Reason: afk training with Magic and Redwood trees, +7 boost
  • Teleport: Rada’s blessing or skill necklace
  • F2P: No

The woodcutting guild is a really useful guild where you get to access to the most afk woodcutting training methods, such as cutting magic trees or the redwood tree inside. While you can cut magic trees in other places, the Woodcutting guild is the only place where you’ll get an invisible +7 boost to your woodcutting skill. Another huge advantage is the proximity to a bank. To access it you will need at least level 60 woodcutting and you can quickly go there either by using the teleport on the Rada’s blessing or skill necklace. On top of this, you cannot complete the elite Kourend and Kebos diary without it.

Warriors’ guilds

  • Unlock: Attack or Strength at 99, or Attack and Strength combined 130
  • Reason: Dragon defender
  • Teleport: combat bracelet or game necklace
  • F2P: No

This is one of the most important guilds in Old School RuneScape because you can only get the second best in slot off-hand item for melee here: the Dragon Defender. Even more than this you will need your Dragon defender to make the best in slot melee off hand: the Avernic defender.

To access the guild, you will need either Strength or Attack at 99 or the combined levels of attack and strength at 130. To get there fast you can use either the Burthrope teleport from a game’s necklace or the warriors’ guild teleport on the combat bracelet. There are also a few clue steps that involve the Warriors’ guild in case treasure hunting is one of your interests.

Ironman extra:

For ironman accounts the warriors’ guild is a great place to buy foods such as stew, pizza or potato and cheese

Farming guild

  • Unlock: 45/65/85 Farming
  • Reason: Farming contracts, Celastrus patch, Hespori, Redwood patch
  • Teleport: Skill necklace, Spirit tree
  • F2P: No

The Farming guild is another must have because you will unlock some uniques patches like the anima patch or the Celastrus patch as well as the Redwood and Hespori patch. The anima patch is where you will be able to plant seeds which will have a time reduction, yield increase, or disease prevention effect for all of your other patches, while the Celastrus patch and Redwood patch are the only places in the game where you can plant these trees.
The Hespori boss is another good reason why the Farming guild is a place you should go to. Besides the farming XP, you can also get a few Farming uniques from the boss such as the anima patch seeds or the bottomless bucket.

The Farming contracts are another big reason, especially as an ironman who’s trying to obtain more seeds. Also, without accessing the Farming guild you cannot complete the elite Kourend and Kebos diary.

Mining guild

  • Unlock: 60 Mining
  • Reason: Mining gloves, Amethyst, Ores close to a bank, +7 boost
  • Teleport: Skill Necklace
  • F2P: Yes

The mining guild is another important one since the ores in here re-spawn faster than anywhere else and they are quite close to a bank. It is the only place where you can collect minerals and get the mining gloves and the only place where you can mine Amethyst. You will also get an invisible +7 Mining boost while inside the guild which means you will be more likely to mine ores faster and gain XP at faster rates. A fast way to get here is by using the mining guild teleport on your skill necklace.

Myths’ Guild

  • Unlock: Dragon Slayer 2
  • Reason: Chromatic Dragons, Wrath runes
  • Teleport: Mythical Cape / Mounted Mythical Cape
  • F2P: No

If you’re looking for another place where Konar can send you to kill chromatic dragons, or if wrath runes sound interesting to you, then the Myths’ guild is the place. You can find all of the other dragons in different places around Gielinor, but it’s the only place besides the Wilderness where you can fight adult green dragons!

Wrath runes are the highest levels runes you can craft and you cannot obtain then via the Ourania Altar or access the wrath altar via the abyss. Crafting them will bring you an hourly profit of around 2.5 mil, but you’ll need level 95 Runecrafting to start this journey.

To access the Myths’ Guild you will need to have completed Dragon Slayer 2 and the fastest teleport is the Mythical cape.

Fishing guild

  • Unlock: 68 Fishing
  • Reason: Minnows, +7 boost, clue scrolls
  • Teleport: Skill Necklace
  • F2P: No

The fishing guild is a good to have, but not a must since there are much better locations for fishing that will give you higher XP rates such as Barbarian Fishing or Tempoross. However, while inside the guild you will benefit from a +7 Fishing boost and from a nearby bank. You can get here fast by using a skill necklace and to enter it you’ll need 68 Fishing.
Another reason why you should try to gain access to the fishing guild is that there are a few clue steps inside here so without I you won’t be able to solve those clues. Once you get 82 Fishing you can also fish minnows, which are exclusively found here, but without the +7 fishing boost since they are on a separate platform which is accessible from the fishing guild.

Ranging guild

  • Unlock: 40 Range
  • Reason: clue scrolls
  • Teleport: combat bracelet
  • F2P: No

The ranging guild is a fully avoidable guild, with the exception of a few clue steps you might get here. To enter it you’ll need 40 range and a combat bracelet to teleport there fast.

Wizards’ guild

  • Unlock: 66 Magic
  • Reason: Rune Shop / Mystic Shop for irons
  • Teleport: Yanille teleport / Nightmare zone minigame teleport
  • F2P: No

The Wizards’ guild is so bad that it’s only useful if you’re an ironman looking to buy a mystic set or runes. Otherwise this guild is rather useless. To unlock it you will need 66 Magic and most teleports are far away  from it, the only close option being the Watchtower teleport from the standard spellbook, which can teleport you in the middle of Yannile after you complete the hard Ardougne diary.

Legends’ Guild

  • Unlock: Legends’ Quest
  • Reason: clues, recharge combat bracelets and skill necklaces
  • Teleport: Quest cape/ BLR fairy ring
  • F2P: No

The Legends’ guild is useful both for ironman and regular accounts who want to charge their combat bracelets and skill necklace. Alternatively, after you gain access to it, you can use an charge dragonstone jewelry scroll instead of physically going there.

Heroes’ guild

  • Unlock: Heroes’ Quest
  • Reason: recharge Amulets of Glory
  • Teleport: Game Necklace
  • F2P: No

The Heroes’ guild is useful if you want to charge your Amulet of Glory, though charging it in the Wilderness provides more charges. However, without access to the heroes guild you will not be able to recharge amulets of glory neither in the wilderness not with a recharge dragonstone jewelry scroll.

Servant’s guild

  • Unlock: free or 20/30/40/50 construction
  • Reason: Hire a servant
  • Teleport: Ardougne teleport
  • F2P: No

This is not a very commonly known guild and the only thing you can do here is hire servants to help you with your construction training if you choose the click intensive poh method and not the more relaxed mahogany homes.

Cooks’ guild

  • Unlock: 32 Cooking
  • Reason: clue scrolls
  • Teleport: Varrock teleport
  • F2P: Yes
  • Other: Must wear a (Golden) Chef’s hat or cooking cape to enter

Except for a few clue scroll steps this guild is also not very useful. It is however one of the best places you can use as a F2P for cooking, but as a member the Hosidius kitchen or the Lumbridge one offer better success rates.

Champions’ Guild

  • Unlock: 32 Quest points
  • Reason: start Dragon Slayer 1, champion scrolls
  • Teleport: Varrock teleport, chronicle
  • F2P: Yes

At 32 Quest points you’ll be able to access the Champions’ Guild where you can start Dragon Slayer 1. As a member you will be able to use the super rare champion scrolls inside this guild and potentially obtain one of the rarest capes in game: the cape of the champions. To get there fast you can use the chronicle.

Crafting Guild

  • Unlock: 40 Crafting
  • Reason: Mining stars, ironman
  • Teleport: Falador teleport or POH teleport to Rimmington
  • F2P: Yes
  • Other: Brown apron

The Crafting guild represents a decent crafting spot for ironman accounts and for f2p, but it is not a great place for members. To get there you’ll have to run either from Rimmington or Falador and you will need to wear a brown apron to enter after you reached 40 crafting. A great reason to come here though is the shooting star landing spot for training mining.

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