Quick Load Guide: How to Get a Monkey Backpack in OSRS

OSRS Monkey backpack versions and important locations split screen

The Monkey backpack is an item that you can only get after you have completed the Monkey Madness 2 Quest and you can then train Agility on Ape Atoll in order to transform it into various other monkeys and unlock the respective collection logs. While training Agility afterwards for a full 2000 laps is without a doubt the real challenge, especially since you’ll gain very little XP compared to other courses, especially after the recent project rebalance changes that only brought marks of grace to the course, but no additional XP. However, obtaining the very first monkey backpack can also be a challenging issue if you don’t know where to find it. At least for me it was, and I pointlessly roamed around the crash site cavern before I realized it is not inside the cavern.

Completing Monkey Madness 2 will not only allow you to wear a monkey as your backpack, but you will also be able to access the only Hunter training method where you don’t actually kill the hunted monsters and you also get an AFK time of around 30 seconds: trapping maniacal monkeys!

Getting the monkey backpack

To get the monkey backpack as fast as possible, grab your royal seed pot and teleport to the Gnome Stronghold. Click on the door to open it, walk outside, and then head towards the North West exit. Use the opening in the fence just west from the saddest gravestone in OSRS and confirm in the dialogue box that you want to leave the gnome stronghold. Walk north and stop before the cavern entrance. There are three or four crates to the east of the entrance and you’ll need to search the westernmost one to find the monkey backpack! That easy, don’t ask why it took me half an hour to search all the inside crates and almost died several times in the process…

Transforming your monkey backpack

If getting it was simple enough cuz you knew what you were doing, transforming it to unlock all those juicy collection log entries is another matter. Grab your Kruk or Ninja monkey greegree, your graceful, some stamina pots and even the ring of endurance if you have one. Some summer pies could also come in handy and a Dramen or Lunar staff unless you have the Lumbridge elite diary and can finally use the fairy rings without one. Head to the closest fairy ring you have access to and use CLR to get to Ape Atoll. Use the rope to the East to let your character fall to the beginning of the course, equip the greegree, use a summer pie and prepare to stay here for at least 25 hours, but realistically more, unless you can train Agility fully focused for 25 hours straight.

Monkey backpack milestones

You’ll have the following milestones where you will be able to transform your monkey backpack into a different monkey:

  • Karamjan monkey at 100 laps
  • Zombie monkey at 250 laps
  • Maniacal monkey at 500 laps
  • Skeleton monkey at 1,000 laps
  • Kruk jr monkey at 1,500 laps
  • Princely monkey at 2,000 laps