Quick Load Guide: Trapping Maniacal Monkeys

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Trapping maniacal monkeys is one of the most relaxed ways to actively train Hunter in Old School RuneScape. This comes at the cost of literally the loot you could gain from more active methods like catching Chinchompas. You do have the chance of getting a 600k monkey tale, but that has a chance of 1 in 5000 to drop and with around 150 monkeys per hour, realistically, you should not expect to profit from training hunter like this. However, it is a low intensity or AFK method.

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XP Rates

Trapping maniacal monkey brings in very competitive XP rates compared to other active methods. Catching black chins in the Wilderness using tick manipulation and an alt will bring you double the XP per hour and a lot of profit, but it is a rather click intensive activity. Catching herbi, will bring you around 150 percent of the maniacal monkey XP plus some herbs.

Requirements for trapping

To start trapping maniacal monkeys you will need level 60 Hunter and Monkey Madness 2. Take a Kruk monkey greegree and a royal seed pot in your inventory along bananas, which you should bring as baskets of bananas which you can find on the GE as bananas (5). As an ironman you can buy the bananas from the Ape atoll food stall, but you will need to fill the baskets yourself.

RuneLite vs Mobile

Even though trapping maniacal monkeys is doable on both mobile and PC, it is easier to do it using RuneLite because of the menu entry swapper. If you’re doing this on mobile, you might find it easier to enable the tap to drop.

Menu entry swapper setup

To setup the menu entry swapper for trapping maniacal monkeys do the following:

  • shift + right click on an empty basket and pick “drop” for the left click
  • shift + right click on the filled basket, bananas (5), and pick “empty” for the left click
  • shift + right click on the broken monkey tail and pick “drop” for the left click

Actually trapping maniacal monkeys

Once you are set up, use your royal seed pot and then climb to the top of the gnome stronghold to take the gnome glider to Ookookolly Undri, or Ape Atall. Head. Once on Ape Atoll head directly south and climb down the hidden door. Once inside, head north, equip the greegree and cross the monkey bars.

Keep heading north and enter the wall, then go north west to climb on a stunted demonic gorilla. Go back in the middle of the room and pick any boulder to start trapping maniacal monkeys.

You’ll get 1000 hunter XP for each successful one, though some will escape with your bananas! You’ll have to set the trap each time whether a successful catch or not, empty your baskets, drop the tails and the empty baskets as you go. You can expect to catch approximately 136 monkeys per hour and have an idle time of around 30 seconds between monkeys.

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