Quick load guide: How to reset the imbued heart or saturated heart cooldown?

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Both the imbued heart and the saturated heart are very expensive items used to boost your magic level. The boost you’ll receive is based on your magic level and it varies from +1 at level 1 Magic to +10 at level 90 Magic for the imbued heart and from +4 at level to +13 at level 90 Magic for the Saturated heart.

Another base difference is that the boosted stats will be restored every minute by -1 for the imbued heart similar to the combat potions, but will stay at their maximum boosted level for the duration of 5 minutes for the saturated heart, similar to the divine potions.

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Whether you want to use the imbued heart to boost your damage or your magical defense, there are plenty of contexts where you might want to use it, and sometimes, for your peace of mind you might want to reset its cooldown so you don’t have to click the imbued heart in the middle of combat.

Cooldown reset

There are only a few largely known ways to reset the imbued heart’s cooldown and while two of them are convenient and reliable one really isn’t…

Pool of refreshment

The Pool of Refreshment inside Ferox Enclave will reset all of your stats including the cooldown of the imbued heart. However, pools with similar functionalities, such as the Player owned house ornate rejuvenation pool will not. Nor will the pool of Elidinis in Nardah. All you have to do is rub a ring of dueling to teleport to ferox enclave and drink from the pool.

Free for all portal

Similarly to the pool of refreshment, entering and exiting the clan wars free for all portal in Ferox enclave will reset all of your stats including the imbued or saturated heart cooldown.

Oh dear, you’re dead

When you die, all of your stats including the imbued heart cooldown reset. Intentionally dying might not be too hard. You can either go to a boss that’s close to a teleport, such as the Wintertodt, where the cold damage can kill you quite rapidly, or Corporeal beast both with a game necklace. If you don’t want to pay any grave fee you should deposit everything in a bank first, and this is why this method could be rather inconvenient.

Nightmare Zone

This can also be inconvenient because you can use the closest teleport (the minigame teleport) only once every 20 minutes and the next closest is the Yannile Watchtower teleport (2 earth and 2 law runes) which can only be used after you have completed the hard Ardougne Diary. If you do choose this method make sure you pick the practice dream so you don’t have to pay gp, besides teleporting there. This method is viable if there is more than a minute or two that you mind waiting.


The final method is to simply wait for the five minutes cooldown to end, depending on how much is left of it, it could be better than either of the Ferox enclave methods since teleporting there and resetting stats could roughly take you 10 to 30 seconds.

Non-viable methods

There are two other methods that technically reset the cooldown from your imbued heart, but are technically to complicated to achieve (and keep in mind I put dying as a viable method). Entering the Gauntlet or the LMS will also reset the cooldown on your imbued heart, but they are not as efficient simply because for LMS you will need to hop to one of the LMS competition worlds, bank, wait for the new round to start, then hope someone will kill you fast enough to be worth the trip. Similarly, you will have to run a decent way to the gauntlet, after banking, and then find your way back, go to a bank, and re-equip your items and your inventory before being able to use your imbued heart for whatever activity you were doing, again.

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