Quick load guide: OSRS’ Pest Control

OSRS' Pest Control screenshot, elite void armour, maenmiu logo

Pest Control is an important minigame and a necessary grind on any account as it will give you access to one of the most powerful untradeable sets: the elite void set. The components of the sets that you’ll need are:

  • Elite Void knight top
  • Elite Void knight bottom
  • Void ranger helm
  • Void Mage helm
  • Void melee helm
  • Void knight gloves

If you’re playing the temporary game mode Leagues Trailbrazer 4, Pest control is tied to the Asgarnia area and there are several tasks you can complete with various tiers of Pest control, but completing a veteran game of Pest Control will automatically complete the lower tier tasks that require you to complete an intermediate and a novice one.

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Pest Control Points

You will need a total of 1910 points to get all of the untradeable rewards from pest control or 1650 if you exclude the mace and the seal. You will also need the hard Western province diary.

The unique set you can get from Pest Control’s: the Elite Void equipment is an important step in your account because you will only need to switch your helmet, instead of helmet, chest, bottoms, and gloves when swapping to a different attack style, which is 1 item instead of 5. Therefore, you can save 4 or 8 inventory slots hen using elite void, and this is huge especially for learning raids, but really any piece of content where you’d need to use more than one attack style, since you’ll be able to bring more food in your inventory instead of swaps until you are comfortable with the mechanics. Not to mention that it’s free and the better range equipment is generally much more expensive.

Elite void is BIS (best in slot) for:

  • Corporeal Beast
  • Barbarian Assault
  • Giant Mole
  • Maniacal Monkeys
  • Green dragons
  • Nightmare Zone for training Magic and Ranged
  • Skeletal Wyverns
  • Fight Caves
  • TOB entry / learner

It is also good for where the better options are just too expensive or hard to get, in case you’re an iron and you don’t have access to them yet:

  • Vorkath
  • K’ril
  • Mimic
  • Chambers of Xeric

Pest Control Requirements

There are three tiers of Pest Control you can access based on your combat level:

  • Novice – combat level 40
  • Intermediate – combat level 70
  • Veteran – combat level 100

Even though you can do Pest Control before combat level 100, the most efficient path is to get to level 100 combat before doing Pest control, since you will get the most points. If you completed various tiers of the combat achievements you will get more points for each match:

Easy tier completed:

  • Novice Pest Control – 4 points
  • Intermediate Pest control – 5 points
  • Veteran Pest control – 6 points

Medium tier completed:

  • Novice Pest Control – 5 points
  • Intermediate Pest control – 6 points
  • Veteran Pest control – 7 points

Hard tier completed:

  • Novice Pest Control – 6 points
  • Intermediate Pest control – 7 points
  • Veteran Pest control – 8 points


Grab your best melee, range, or magic gear, depending on what you want to train, turn on auto-retaliate and teleport to the Pest Control island using either the minigame teleport you can use every 20 minutes under the grouping tab, or by using an inexpensive pest control teleport scroll you might have gotten from clue scrolls or via the Grand exchange.

Pest control worlds

Make sure you are the pest control world: 344.

For Leagues the following are the Pest Control official worlds:

  • 582
  • 581
  • 595

Once there, board the ship and head to the south of the ship. When there are enough players on the ship a round will start. Head to one of the portals and make sure to close the door behind you if you’re the last one to arrive otherwise monsters might kill the knight in the middle.

Pest Control walkthrough

Once the round starts head towards one of the portal s where the monsters spawn either to the Weste, East, South-West, or South-East.  Have auto-retaliate on and kill the monsters that spawn, kill the spinners, then once the portal shield drops attack the portal, then finish off the remaining monsters and move to another portal.

Pest Control Priorities

The top priority in Pest control is killing the Spinner once it spawns, then attacking the portal. If there’s a spinner around leave the other monsters and kill it first, and if the portal shield dropped attack the portal, but only after killing all the spinners.

Pest Control – other recommendations

DO NOT consume any combat boosting pot since your stats will reset every time a new round starts.

You should NOT consume any food either, because dying is safe in Pest Control and you will just return at your boat spawn point. If you die all you will need to do is run back to a portal and continue fighting the monsters and your stats including your HP will reset every new round and every time you die.

Use Prayers to boost your damage. Feel free to use Piete, Rigour, or any other prayers that will boost your damage output. If you’re about to die you can alos use Retribution. Your prayer points will be restored to their maximum every time a new Pest Control round starts and every time you die.

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