Quick Load Guide: How to turn your OSRS character into a rock

Old School RuneScape disguise rings, maenmiu logo

Special effect rings in Old School RuneScape: character transformation!

Rocks are solid and generally speaking when someone turns into a rock they do so metaphorically and it means that they become very unresponsive or emotionally unyielding, similar to the immobility and insensitivity of a rock. However, the literal meaning is turning into stone. The phrase “turn into a rock” relates to Medusa, a figure from Greek mythology, known for her ability to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone. In Old School RuneScape you can turn your character into a rock. But even more so, you can become a:

  • stack of coins
  • third age equipment
  • bush
  • crate
  • egg
  • snowman

If you’re an avid player, you already know that OSRS is a treasure trove of unique items, each with its own quirks and features. Among these are the disguise items – special rings that transform your character into something entirely different. Prepare to be amazed by the magic and fun these items bring to your OSRS experience!

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Ring of Stone

The Ring of Stone, an intriguing item in OSRS, is known for its ability to turn the player into a seemingly innocuous rock. This transformation is more than just cosmetic; it allows you to blend seamlessly into rocky environments, making it perfect for stealth-based gameplay or simply for surprising other players. While in rock form, you can’t move, but you’re also immune to NPC aggression, making it a strategic item for certain scenarios. It currently costs just under 3 mil, but you can create it with a high level of crafting and magic by first making an onyx ring and then enchanting it.

Ring of Coins

Next up is the Ring of Coins. This unique ring transforms the player into a pile of gold coins. Imagine the fun of sitting in a busy marketplace or bank, disguised as a tempting pile of money! This ring doesn’t have any stat requirements to use and can be obtained only from master clue scrolls and it costs over 22 mil on the Grand Exchange. It’s particularly popular among players for pranks and social interaction within the game. While transformed, you can’t perform any actions.

Ring of Third Age

The Ring of Third Age is a part of the illustrious Third Age equipment, known for its rarity and prestige. When worn, it transforms the player into any of the third age equipment. You can only obtain this ring from the mimic boss and it currently costs over 4mil on the GE.

Ring of Nature

If you love to blend in with the natural surroundings, the Ring of Nature is the perfect choice. This ring turns your character into a bush, making it ideal for hiding or for nature-themed role-play. The Ring of Nature is obtainable as a rare reward from hard clue scrolls. While in bush form, you can’t move or interact, but you can enjoy being part of the landscape, observing the goings-on around them unnoticed. You can get it from elite clue scrolls or from the GE for over 14 mil gp.

Crate Ring

The Crate Ring is a fun and functional item that turns your character into a crate. It can be especially humorous in warehouse or port areas, where crates are common. Like the Ring of Coins, it’s great for social interactions and pranks. It was introduced with the 2022 Easter event and you can obtain it by completing any subsequent Easter event. Like most of the other easter rewards, it is untradeable and you can get it from Django in Draynor village.

Easter Ring

The Easter Ring is another untradeable seasonal item, originally introduced in 2013. It allows you to transform into an egg. This transformation is not only amusing but also seasonal, adding to the festive atmosphere during Easter events in the game. The ring doesn’t have any special requirements to use and can be obtained during Easter events in OSRS. Transforming into an egg can lead to fun interactions and is a great way to celebrate the holiday within the game.

Snowman Ring

OSRS snowman ring and the possible transformations, maenmiu logo

Last but not least, the Snowman Ring is a delightful item that turns your character into a snowman. This ring is perfect for winter-themed events and for adding a bit of frosty fun to your adventures in OSRS. Like the Easter Ring, it is tied to seasonal events and can be obtained during the Christmas holidays. The snowman transformation is a hit during the festive season, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit of Gielinor.


Disguise items in OSRS, such as the above rings, offer a unique and playful way to experience the game. Whether you’re looking to blend into your surroundings, pull off a prank, or simply enjoy the game in a new way, these rings provide endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Remember, while these items are mainly for entertainment, they can also be strategically used in certain gameplay scenarios. So go ahead, try out these magical rings, and add an extra layer of enjoyment to your OSRS adventure!

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