Quick Load Guide: OSRS New Construction Meta

This one is huge for anyone playing Old School RuneScape and who hates construction as much as I do… I hate any non-afkable method, but with Jagex making entry swaps for Construction legal there’s a whole new meta and you’ll be able to get anywhere between 430k and 600k XP per hour depending on how accurate your clicks are and how many mini-breaks your fingers need.

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Menu entry swapper

Simply enable the menu entry swapper plugin on Runelite from then you’ll have to configure it, but before that make sure you have the right room built.

Easiest Construction XP

For the easiest Construction XP method you will need level 61 Construction and to have built the throne room in your player owned house. This is because the mahogany floor is made using the highest number of planks while being the number 1 on the construction UI, allowing you to just hold 1.

Other preparations

Hire the highest level butler you can from Ardougne’s Servants’ Guild and make a coin bag (servant’s moneybag) in his bedroom – you’ll need two bedrooms for the servant and level 58 construction for his moneybag. Make sure to deposit some coins in there so he doesn’t unnecessarily bother you while you’re training

Setup menu entry swapper

Once you’re set, go to the throne room and shift click on the floor to swap from “walk here” to “remove” while the floor decoration is constructed, and then from “walk here” to “build” while the floor is empty.

Train your Construction

After you’ve set this up get ready to use those mahogany planks! Equip whatever pieces of the carpenter’s outfit you own, get a saw and a hammer (Imcando hammer is preferable since you can equip it). Click on the floor and start holding 1 down, then click to build and remove and then double click the butler to send him back to your bank to bring more planks.

Enjoy while it lasts

Looking at OSRS history a little bit, it’s wise to train Construction while this change lasts since Jagex went back on many other meta changing updates.

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