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If you’ve been the leader of your GIM group in Old School RuneScape and decided you’ll leave the inactive group, become unranked (uGIM) and join or form a different group with active players, you’ve certainly found yourself in a BUGGY situation.

After patiently waiting 14 days, 7 to pass the leadership and 7 more to actually leave the group, nothing happens. You open the settings interface just to be met by the same annoying message stating that you’ll soon leave the group… Just that the soon never actually happens…

You have resigned as a group leader and are leaving the iron group. This will take effect soon. Click here to cancel this“.

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Short History

For me it’s absolutely mesmerizing how Jagex has not fixed this basic feature for so long and instead let GIMs find their own way out of their inactive groups.

When GIMs were first released you had no real solution if you happened to leave or get kicked from your group and you could pretty much only choose between becoming a GIM on your own but lose your stuff, or become a regular account and keep your stuff.

The middle ground was brought in the form of unranked group ironman which meant that if you chose this you’d keep both your items, and your ironman status, but lose only the hiscores. This allows so much flexibility in terms of groups since with this you can freely leave and join a more active group, provided that you wait those 7 days to leave your current group.

If you’re in the position of the leader of the inactive GIM group, however, you’ll face a problem. You’ll appear stuck in the group even after waiting 14 days because there will be no one to take that leadership from you.


The solution to this is pretty simple especially if you have a Jagex account since you’ll be able to effortlessly create a new character. Simply click the manage characters located under the login in the Jagex launcher, make a new character on their website, then log in to that character and complete the tutorial island without going to the mainland.

Speak to the ironman tutor near the mage’s building, pick a pin, and choose group ironman as your mode, then head to the node. There use your stuck gim to invite the newly created gim. Your stuck character will be instantly kicked out of the current inactive group if you’ve already waited the 14 days!

And then you’re free to join another unranked GIM group, without losing anything, but the ability to rank up in the hiscores. You’ll still appear in the regular hiscores, though.

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