How to Choose the Perfect Gaming Chair

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Long gaming sessions can be literally a pain if you’re not sitting comfortably. And simply having a gaming chair can sometimes be not enough.

Let’s go through some features that you might not have thought of and help you get the best gaming chair for you

You need a gaming chair that makes you comfortable. There’s more to choosing the perfect fit than you’d initially expect.

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Leather or not

Having a chair made of leather definitely has its perks. Mainly it’s gonna be easy to clean and live longer than textile fabric. It’s mostly stain free and it will become less disgusting over time.

However, if you’re skin is gonna touch it extensively it’s a no go. It will make you sweat and keep the sweat in between your skin and the chair’s leather. Awful, right?

This can further lead to skin rushes and depending on how intense your gaming session is you won’t even notice until it’s too late. You can prevent this with a cotton blanket or cover to put in between your bare skin and the gaming chair.

An extra advantage of this is that you can easily wash the blanket… This is an extra and something you can do if you already have such a gaming chair, but something to really consider when getting a new one.


Some gaming chairs simply have more space for your bottom than others. How wide a chair is as well as the weight it can handle are two very important factors to consider.

Adjustable arm rests

These are absolutely crucial for creating an ergonomic gaming space. Having the perfect arm angle can also help you with precision, so just by having a perfectly fit arm rest will improve your performance in any game you’re playing.

Adjustable height

This is something that most gaming chairs out there feature. However, if you’re on any of the extremes height wise, you might want to double check the minimum or maximum height adjustment just to make sure that the chair you’re buying was designed for gamers your size.


Especially if you have long hair (and for this specific purpose long means anything that’s over a few centimeters – and no, you’re not allowed to decontextualize my quote on this matter).

As I was saying, the wheels matter a lot especially if you have long hair or cohabit with someone with long hair (like a partner or pet).

All that hair can and will clump up and eventually jam your wheels. Gradually they will spin harder and harder to the point that they won’t move at all.

Sadly, most gaming chairs are made for the stereotypical incel gamer with short hair and don’t consider what happens when you – the gamer – or your partner naturally shed a decent amount of hair every single day.

This can easily be avoided with encased wheels. It will save you the pain of eventually having to clean those wheels or throw the chair all together if you’re fully unaware of why the wheels stopped spinning

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that a good gaming chair should last for 5 to 15 years, so it is a long term investment. My chair is from 2016, and even though it lost its cool aesthetically it’s still functional and I love it.

Another thing to consider if you’re not a first time owner of a gaming chair is the things you liked or disliked about your current one.

If you think I missed an important feature that was a total deal-breaker for you feel free to get in touch and let me know

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