OSRS vs IRL: OSRS Armours Tattoos

Some pieces of armour are very popular in Old School RuneScape, some so much so that they became inspiration for tattoos. From mighty slayer helms inked on the body to Verac’s armour, these scapers made the best out of their favourite OSRS armours and got them on their skin.

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Traditional Neitiznot helm tattoo

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The tattoo features a vibrant Neitiznot helmet in a neo-traditional style, marked by bold lines, vivid colors, and stylized shading. Placed on the forearm, it spans a significant length of the area, integrating colors such as gold, blue, and red. This style emphasizes clarity and dimension through the use of clean outlines and pops of color.

Red Slayer helm tattoo

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This tattoo is a red slayer helmet, that uses geometric shapes and sharp angles, executed in a modern illustrative style. Located on the forearm, it uses a color palette of red, yellow and black, emphasizing bold contrasts and a minimalist approach. If you wanna see other slayer tattoos check these out.

Dragon med helm tattoo

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This tattoo is a stylized dragon med helmet, featured on the forearm. It uses a straightforward color-blocking technique with clean, bold outlines in black, highlighting the design’s simple yet striking geometry. The style leans towards a modern minimalist approach, focusing on solid colors and distinct shapes.

Red Halloween mask tattoo

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This is a tattoo inspired by the OSRS’ red Halloween mask and it’s placed on the forearm. Its vibrant red color stands out, complemented by minimalistic black shading for emphasis.

Geometrical red slayer helm tattoo

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This tattoo showcases a geometrically stylized red slayer helmet on the forearm, using a sharp, angular design reminiscent of a digital or pixel art style. The red is complemented by black outlining and shading to create depth and dimension. The choice of colors and structured shapes highlight the tattoo’s bold and contemporary aesthetic.

Neitiznot helm tattoo

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This Neitiznot helm tattoo is created in the blackwork style and is placed on the forearm. Specific to this style the tattoo is made solely with black ink. The artist used both clean clines, solid color and shading to create this amazing Neitiznot helm tattoo.

Verac the defiled tattoo

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This tattoo, located on the upper arm, presents Verac the defiled in a bold traditional style with strong influences from neo-traditional tattoo art. It employs a grayscale palette with deep black shading and highlights to enhance the metallic and three-dimensional appearance of the helmet. The tattoo features ornate details and flowing lines that add to its dramatic effect. The overall execution showcases meticulous craftsmanship and a classic approach to tattooing.

Verac the defiled helm tattoo

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This Verac the defiled tattoo is executed in a black-and-gray realism style, focusing on detailed shading and texture to enhance the depth and authenticity of the depicted objects. These tattoos are large, occupying significant portions of the skin, and use a monochromatic palette to emphasize contrast and shadows.

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