OSRS vs IRL: Matching Old School RuneScape Tattoos

Old School RuneScape tattoos are awesome by themselves, but having a loved one to share a matching Old School RuneScape tattoo just takes it to the next level! These scapers are lucky enough to have people in their lives who gracefully share a matching OSRS tattoo with them to really mark that connection they’ve got!

Matching tattoos could be identical or not, but they share the same theme and complete or complement each other one way or another for a really cool effect! Without further ado, but with a lot of excitement, the matching Old School RuneScape tattoos!

Mystic set characters matching tattoos

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These are non-identical matching tattoos that resemble two characters casting spells while wearing two variations of the mystic set: the regular blue set and the dark mystic set. Both of the tattoos have a personal touch through their colours that don’t fully match the in game details that are white for the blue mystic set and red for the dark mystic set. Instead the blue mystic set tattoo has blue details, and the dark one has yellow details, similar to the light mystic set in game. This makes them even more unique and brings another layer of match to them since both of them have this colourful detail personalized. The tattoos are both placed on the inner forearm of each of the scapers.

OSRS Lobster matching tattoos

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Old School RuneScape lobsters take many players back in the 2000s when they represented a hugely traded item. These OSRS lobster tattoos surely evoke that nostalgia. They are placed on the calves of each scaper and they represent a variation of the lobster: a burnt lobster and a cooked lobster, potentially but not necesarilly hinting at each of these scapers cooking skill.

Dragon Dagger matching tattoos

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These colourful dragon dagger tattoos are placed on the calves of these two best friends! Both of them are of a small size and even though they represrent the same item, they are not identical and there are some small, but noticeable differences between the two. Dragon dagger tattoos are quite popular and I made a fuller list of that here.

OSRS spells matching tattoo

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These non-identical matching tattoos represent two different spells and are a match both through their placement on the inner wrist and design. The bottom one depicts the runes for casting Vengeance from the Lunar spell book in OSRS: 4 astral, 2 death, and 10 earth runes. The top one depicts the runes needed for the Ancient spellbook ice barrage spell: 4 death, 2 blood, and 6 water runes. The two spells are especially used while PKing so this could mean that these scapers want to make a reference to their PKing journey in Old School RuneScape.

OSRS runes matching tattoos

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This set of matching tattoos resembles the symbols from three of the Old School RuneScape runes: nature, chaos and law. The tattoos are placed on the forearms and are monochromatic and cleanly designed. They also have an intresting story that reveals a deep frienship:

“Been there for me through the thick and thin of it all for the past 11 years, but I’m now moving to the otherside of the world and I thought what’s a good way to keep that broship going along with the love and passion for the first game I played online back in 2005.

We met at a bar in 2012 and mentioned video games then got onto the topic that we both loved Osrs and from that moment we just became best friends. The Law rune represents my mate as he’s now a Cop and working his way up and I was always the chaos with having shit going on weather good bad or ugly it was always hectic ???? and the nature is when we chill together there is always a harmony of both. My goal over time is to fully sleeve the arm but I think this is a great start.”

Runes and Party hats matching tattoos

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These three scapers got almost identical matching tattoos! All placed on the back of the upper calf of their right legs their tattoos contain the same runes, placed in the same pattern and one party hat each. The only difference is that each of them got a different colour party hat: a blue one, a green one, and a purple one for an amazing team effect!

Party hats matching tattoo

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These friends got only party hats that are identical through their placement on their legs just above their ankles, but non-identical through their colours. They got a blue, a purple, a green, and a red party hat!

Teleport to house runes tattoo

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These identical tattoos have different body placements, one being done on the arm while the other under the collar bone! These two monochromatic tattoos look exactly the same and they resemble the symbols from the law, air, and earth runes in OSRS, which are the runes used to cast the teleport to house spell from the standard spellbook. The image was originally posted together with the text “My best friend that I met on RuneScape travelled over 2000 miles to come play old school with me. Here’s our matching home teleport tattoos!” which triggered many reactions from the redditors who assumed this matching tattoo is a couple’s tattoo.  Whether the tattoo symbolizes friendship or more it is a well done matching tattoo!

Teleport to house runes arm matching tattoo

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These matching tattoos are very similar to the previous ones and resemble the exact same rune symbols and spell. However, they are both placed on the inner forearms of these two scapers. Despite the underlying meaning of getting a teleport to house with someone, this is not a couple tattoo either, but a siblings tattoo, with the original poster stating “My little sister and I got matching RuneScape tattoos”.

Godswords matching tattoos

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These matching colourful godsword tattoos are placed on the feet of these scapers. They are almost identical, but they differ in colour and the godswords they represent, but belong nonetheless in the godswords tattoo list i made.

Colourful teleport to house runes matching tattoo

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These two matching tattoos are a colourful representation of the runes needed for the teleport to house spell. They are identical and they are placed on the inner forearm of each scaper. This time it is indeed a couple’s tattoo as OP stated “My husband and I got the home teleport tattoo done today!”

Ironman btw matching tattoo

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These tattoos only depict the symbols that you could find in OSRS on three different types of runes and they are both monochromatic tattoos. As one of the scapers states in their original post they wanted to share the

So me and my Ironman friend did a thing yesterday, after playing the game for 16+ years I decided to get the most meaningful tattoo I’ve ever had

If you have any other matching tattoos feel free to get in touch and I’ll happily update this post!

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